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Jeb Rivers was the pilot of the Mississippi Riverboat the Paragon which was owned by Captain Pelham.

Along with Jeb and Cap’n Pelham, the Paragon was also the home / workplace of the Captain’s oddly modern daughter Marnie (she wore pants, wanted to be a boat pilot too and seemed to know judo!) and 12 year old hanger on Catfish.

Traveling up and down the Mississippi during it’s “heydays” Jeb had to deal with boatyard bullies, thieves, river pirates, crooked gamblers, rough necks and other ne'er-do-wells found along the Big Muddy.

An expert pilot Jeb was also skilled with his fists and sword.      


As the superheroes started to fall out of popularity Kid Eternity was replaced in Hit Comics by this Reed Crandall creation that presented a very sanitized view of the pre-Civil War days on the Mississippi.

Jeb however sailed into limbo shortly after taking over the comic and has not been seen since.    


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