Jeb Guthrie

    Character » Jeb Guthrie appears in 68 issues.

    Jeb Guthrie is the younger brother of the X-Men, Husk and Cannonball.

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    Jebidiah Guthrie is a member of the Guthrie family which is home to many mutants of different powers and abilities. Dispite being younger than Sam ( Cannonball), Husk, Jay ( Icarus), and Elizabeth, Jeb's powers blossomed during a time when mutants were no longer a minority.

    He manifested his powers in their small hometown and his family tried to keep it secret. He however was proud of his powers and in a fight with one of the Cabots, he used his powers to electrocute the would be bully. This started the final confrontation between the families where Elder Cabot and his daughter, Julia were killed. Despite being a mutant he was not sent to Xavier's to be trained in the use of his powers and instead remained at his family ranch.

    It is unknown if Jeb retained his powers after M-Day.

    Powers and Abilities

     Jeb using optic electrical powers
    Jeb using optic electrical powers

    Jeb could channel plasmic electrical energies and use them in a variety of ways. He could fire stored energy from his eyes in a forceful manner or to a lesser degree simply channeling the electricity through his eyes to electrocute any would be attackers. It is unknown how he absorbed the plasma power, if he had to come in contact with it directly or even if his body itself produced it. It is also unknown the extent to which he could channel this power or how much he could hold or for how long.

    Physical characteristics

    • Gender: Male
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Brown
    • Height: 5'7
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Unique Features: When powers were in use he had a series of lines on his forehead and cheeks.
    • Place of Birth: Guthrie farm.


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