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    Belgian novelist and comics writer, author of comics such as "Histoire sans héros", "Thorgal", "XIII" and "Largo Winch".

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    Jean Van Hamme is a prolific comic writer, author of large and already mythical series such as XIII, Largo Winch or Thorgal, to name the most famous.

    Van Hamme was born in Brussels in 1939 and began studying business administration and working as a journalist. At this time he began to write, but it was not until 1976 that he devoted himself fully to literary creation.

    His first great success was achieved in 1977 thanks to Thorgal, the Viking hero created together with Rosinski, originally published in the magazine Tintin. Thorgal wasn't a regular historical comic about a group of Vikings. Playing with fantastic elements, the series is more a heroic fantasy. Van Hamme and Rosinski additionally made the widely praised fantasy story Le grand pouvoir du Chninkel for Casterman in 1988.

    In 1984, he created XIII, illustrated by William Vance, and published by Dargaud. Based on Robert Ludlum's book 'The Bourne Identity', the series is built around a character in search of his true identity. What follows is a series of exciting intrigues, government and military cover-ups, murder attempts and action scenes, following the story of a mysterious amnesiac agent persecuted around the world.. At the same time, he produced the political-fiction series S.O.S. Bonheur for Griffo, which was published in the Aire Libre collection of the publishing house Dupuis.

    In1989, Jean Van Hamme began adapting his Largo Winch novels in another successful comic series, illustrated by Philippe Francq. Between 1992 and 1999, Van Hamme wrote a new series of eight books about a dynasty of Belgian brewers, 'Les Maîtres de l'Orge' drawn by Francis Vallès.

    Since 1996, he has been working on new stories with Edgar P. Jacobs' Blake et Mortimer, which have been drawn by Ted Benoit, René Sterne, and Antoine Aubin.

    Other creations by Van Hamme include the one-shot Lune de Guerre with Hermann (Dupuis, 2000), Wayne Shelton with Christian Denayer in (Dargaud, 2001-2003 and from 2009) and Lady S with Philippe Aymond (Dupuis, since 2005). Van Hamme's unused script for a TV mini-series was turned into the comic series Rani by artist Francis Vallès and scriptwriter Alcante (Lombard, since 2009).

    After 2007, Van Hamme stopped writing his series 'XIII' and 'Thorgal', leaving them to Yves Sente. He acts as an advisor for spin-off series like XIII Mystery.

    Further works by Van Hamme are the graphic novel Le Télescope, written for Dutch artist Paul Teng.

    He received the Prix Saint-Michel for his entire oeuvre during the Brussels Comics Festival in 2009, and became an honorary citizen of the city in 2011. In that same year, he was named Commandeur des Arts et Lettres at the Angoulême festival. Van Hamme was knighted by the Belgian king Albert II in 2015. Since 15 November 2010 'XIII' has his own mural in the Rue Philippe de Champagne/ Philippe de Champagne Straat as part of the Brussels' Comic Book Route. On 13 November 2013 a mural honouring 'Thorgal' and part of the same route was inaugurated at the Place Anneessens / Anneessensplaats in Brussels.

    (Recueil) Bédémix1989
    (Recueil) Tintin Super1979
    Aire Libre2018
    Astérix (Hors Série)2007
    Blake et Mortimer (Divers)1996
    Blake et Mortimer (Les Aventures de)19962021
    Corentin (Cuvelier)19702017
    Domino (Chéret)19741982
    Fortune des Winczlav (La)2021
    Grand pouvoir du Chninkel (Le)19882002
    Histoire sans héros19771997
    Lady S.20042013
    Largo Winch20052019
    Largo Winch (Le Soir)2010
    Lune de guerre2000
    Maîtres de l'Orge (Les)19922014
    Michaël Logan19771985
    Mr Magellan (série actuelle)19831984
    S.O.S. Bonheur19881989
    Thorgal (en breton)20052006
    Thorgal (Pegasus)19931994
    Tony Stark19801981
    Télescope (Le)2009
    Wayne Shelton2003
    XIII (Le Soir Belgique)2012
    XIII Mystery2018
    Astérix (hors série) (en portugais)2008
    Blake and Mortimer (The Adventures of)20082012
    Blake e Mortimer (Aventuras de) (en portugais)20012021
    Blake e Mortimer (en portugais) (Público - Edições ASA)2021
    Blake en Mortimer (Uitgeverij Blake en Mortimer)19962021
    Blake und Mortimer (Die Abenteuer von)19972011
    Classici del Fumetto di Repubblica (I) - Serie Oro1975
    História sem heróis1980
    Lady S. (en anglais)20082011
    Lady S. (en néerlandais)20042007
    Largo Winch (en allemand)19912014
    Largo Winch (en anglais)2020
    Largo Winch (en espagnol)1992
    Largo Winch (en néerlandais)19912005
    Largo Winch (en portugais)19932007
    Largo Winch (en portugais) (Público/ASA)2018
    Lua de Guerra2000
    Meesters van de Gerst (De)19921999
    Mestres Cervejeiros (Os)20032004
    Thorgal (en allemand)1990
    Thorgal (en anglais - Etats-Unis et Canada)1987
    Thorgal (en anglais - Royaume-Uni)19862013
    Thorgal (en espagnol)19912015
    Thorgal (en néerlandais)19992006
    Thorgal (en polonais)19891990
    Thorgal (en portugais - ASA/Público)2012
    Thorgal (en portugais)19832005
    Una Historia sin Héroes. Veinte años después2016
    Western (en anglais)2011
    Western (en portugais)2002
    XIII (en anglais)20102013
    XIII (en espagnol)1987
    XIII (en italien)19931995
    XIII (en portugais)19882006
    XIII (Público/ASA - Album duplo)20142015

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