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    Séries principalesdeàRôle
    (Recueil) Bédémix1989
    (Recueil) Pilote (Super Pocket)19681970
    André Lefort1978
    Barbe-Rouge (L'intégrale - Nouvelle édition)2017
    Blueberry (France Loisirs)20032004
    Blueberry (La Jeunesse de)19751990
    Blueberry (Lieutenant) (pocket)1983
    Blueberry (Rombaldi-Dargaud)2010
    Brice Bolt19841985
    Buck Danny19482020
    Buck Danny "One-Shot"2017
    Buck Danny (L'intégrale)2017
    Buck Danny - La collection (Hachette) (2020)2021
    Dan Cooper (Les aventures de)19621964
    Fanfan et Polo1951
    Gringos (Les)19791980
    Guy Lebleu19762018
    Guy Lebleu (édition pirate)2009
    Histoires vraies de l'Oncle Paul (Les)1953
    Jacques Le Gall19801985
    Jean Mermoz1956
    Jim Cutlass (Une aventure de)19791991
    Kim Devil19551957
    Marc Dacier (1re série)19601978
    Michel Brazier20152019
    Michel Vaillant (Palmarès inédit)2006
    Patrouille des Castors (La)1984
    Privé (Le) (Coutelis/Charlier)2002
    Ron Clarke1991
    Simba Lee20192020
    Surcouf (Charlier/Hubinon)19511953
    Tanguy et Laverdure19612019
    Tanguy et Laverdure (intégrale 2015)2021
    Tanguy et Laverdure (Intégrale Télé 7 jours)2014
    Tanguy et Laverdure (Une aventure "Classic" de)20162017
    Thierry le chevalier20152016
    Tiger Joe19511977
    Albi ardimento1970
    Barba Ruiva19691982
    Barba Ruiva (16/22)19831984
    Barbarroja (Barbe-Rouge en espagnol)20132015
    Blueberry (en anglais, Egmont/Methuen)1977
    Blueberry (en anglais, Marvel Comics)1991
    Blueberry (en italien)19781988
    Blueberry (en néerlandais)1991
    Blueberry (en portugais) (Uma aventura do Tenente)19691994
    Blueberry (Juventude) (en portugais)1992
    Blueberry (Marshal) (en anglais)1991
    Blueberry (Público - Edições ASA, 2e série)2019
    Blueberry (strip-pocket) (en néerlandais)1982
    Blueberry (Young)1990
    Buck Danny (en italien)19661988
    Buck Danny (en langues étrangères)1991
    Buck Danny (en néerlandais)19791983
    Classici del Fumetto di Repubblica (I) - Serie Oro2005
    Grandes héroes del cómic2003
    Historietas. Serie Azul (Buck Danny)1971
    Jim Cutlass (Las aventuras de)19801994
    Jim Cutlass (Uma aventura de)1983
    Kirk (Sargento)1982
    Moebius (en anglais)1991
    Roodbaard (Barbe-Rouge en néerlandais)19741983
    Rote Korsar (Der)1970
    Tanguy e Laverdure19691992
    Tanguy y Laverdure2014

    Born in Liège on October 30, 1924, died in Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine) on July 10, 1989. Jean-Michel Charlier, a lawyer by training, joined Spirou as a draftsman in 1944. Appointed artistic director of the World Press in 1946, he met Victor Hubinon there. Together, they launch Buck Danny, which appears in Spirou. From then on, he was the official screenwriter for Gérald Forton (Kim Devil), Mitacq (La Patrouille des Castors), Attanasio and even Paape, who illustrated his Histoires de l'oncle Paul. For Pilote, of which he was editor-in-chief from No. 1 (1959), he designed the series Barbe-Rouge (with Hubinon), Michel Tanguy (Uderzo then Jijé), Jacques Le Gall (Mitacq) and later Blueberry (Giraud , 1963). From 1967 to 1985, he simultaneously collaborated on Pilote, Tintin, Spirou, Record, Super-As, etc., the adaptation of Tanguy and Laverdure for television and the production of numerous documentaries on contemporary history. We owe this prolific author nearly five hundred stories for comics, radio, television, as well as novels and historical books. A doctor of law, with a degree in literature and criminology, Jean-Michel Charlier is also a Knight of the Order of the Crown of Belgium, an airline pilot... and today a director for French television. He was twenty years old when he collaborated on "Bimbo" where he created "Jo la Tornade". He therefore chose to devote himself to comics and made his debut in Spirou (1946) by drawing lessons in model making, rowing and piloting. In 1947, he started writing and drawing (sets and planes) the adventures of Buck Danny with Victor Hubinon. "We had Victor and I, started Buck Danny and I stuck to planes and boats because those were the only things I drew reasonably well. And all that for base financial reasons! At the time, the boards were paid such a miserable price that it was unthinkable to be able to live by writing only the texts. Soon, following the advice of Jijé, he only devotes himself to the screenplay. In 1950, Sabena hired Jean-Michel Charlier as an airline pilot. However, he soon returned to reporting and comics. He notably wrote (still with Hubinon), Tiger Joe for La Libre Belgique in 1950 and began a collaboration with Albert Uderzo for whom he created "Belloy", the knight without armor which was published in OK. Until the creation of Pilote in 1959, he published several other series for Spirou (Kim Devil in 1953 for Forton, Patrouille des Castors in 1954 for Mitacq, Marc Dacier in 1958 for Paape, and, much later in 1970, Brice Bolt for Puig). At the same time, he wrote many stories of Uncle Paul, and in 1952 resumed the adventures of Jean Valhardi drawn by Paape, then by Jijé. Having become artistic director of the World Press, which produced SPIROU, Jean-Michel Charlier hired a few "beginners" who would go far, such as Sempe, Goscinny, Graton, Paape, Forton, Tacq... In 1959, the creation of the Pilote newspaper, of which he was the co-founder with René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. He creates for this new medium, and from the first issue, three new series: Tanguy and Laverdure, of which Uderzo will draw the first eight volumes (the rest will be taken over by Jijé, then Serres and Al Coutelis), Barbe Rouge for Hubinon (then Jijé, Lorg, Pellerin and Gaty), and Jacques Le Gall for Mitacq. It is a real success. He will not be satisfied with animating these series, nor the continuation of those created for Spirou. In 1961, he launched Guy Lebleu with Poivet. In 1964, the chief editorship of "Pilote", now controlled by Dargaud, was entrusted to Charlier and Goscinny. This is the birth of the adventures of Blueberry with which he takes his readers on the dusty tracks of the West and with whom he would reveal the talent of Jean Giraud. Leaving Pilote in 1972, he turned to television and produced for FR3 a series of major investigations devoted to mysterious contemporary affairs entitled the Black Files. Then changing channel, these programs will become Les Grandes Enquêtes de TF1. Alongside these extra comic book activities, he worked for two years from 1976 to 1978 as editor-in-chief of Tintin France. The 80s are the years of the return of his great series. J.M. Charlier gives a chance to some new designers who will have the task of ensuring the succession and the continuity of the work undertaken by the former collaborators. This is how Bergèse takes over Buck Danny, that Gaty and Pellerin lead two sequels to Barbe Rouge in parallel and that Patrice Serres then Coutelis pursues Tanguy and Laverdure. While from his side Giraud continues, sporadically, to draw the "normal" adventures of Blueberry, Charlier decides to entrust the story of the lieutenant's youth to the New Zealand designer Colin Wilson. The youth of Lieutenant Blueberry, upon Charlier's death, was entrusted to screenwriter Corteggiani. Finally, he did not intend to stop there, and had started in the Echo des Savanes with Coutelis, a first episode of the adventures of a new character, a private, baptized Chuck Dougherty (The Angel of Death). He still had many other projects in his drawers, such as the recovery of Jim Cutlass (a "Blueberry" hero who only lived through an adventure drawn by Giraud) by Christian Rossi. In 1986, Blueberry was pre-published in Liberation. On July 10, 1989, Jean-Michel leaves us. He will be buried in Saint-Cloud.


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