Young Jean is hot

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Dear god does the artist on All-New X-Men draw a hot Jean Grey.

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NO!!! she looks like she needs a make-over badly and im a jean grey fan......anyways i cant wait until the O5 get new costumes in all-new x-men 9

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Eh, she looks the same as every other young, white x-women except her hair is red. Give the credit to the colorist if that's your thing. They don't get enough.

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*cough jailbait* Thats the worst part about being 20 years old, I can't play age differences off. Its not cute anymore; its creepy....But that is a nice looking 16 year old....

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#5 Posted by John Valentine (16467 posts) - - Show Bio

She's better than Mom Jeans Jean.

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#6 Posted by x_29 (2375 posts) - - Show Bio

Girl got an azz on her.

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#7 Posted by DarkxSeraph (681 posts) - - Show Bio

Sure. Hook her up with Hellion instead of Quinten. Heh.



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#8 Posted by Madame_Mist (1338 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm game if she's into the chicks who are only 3 years older (ala me)

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#9 Posted by oviouslyjeangrey (417 posts) - - Show Bio

I agree, I like how she looks specially in issue 6.

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#10 Posted by HopesummersFORtheFUTURE (5962 posts) - - Show Bio

@John Valentine said:

She's better than Mom Jeans Jean.

i dont get it???

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