Uncanny X-men 4 Question (Major Spoilers Inside)

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Do not read this if you don't want spoilers for All-New Xmen or Uncanny X-men!!! I have a few questions that I wondered what others thought. My questions pertain to some of the panels in the just-released Uncanny X-men 4, but it involves spoilers from ANX 10 too.

1. When the Cuckoos are talking to Emma about Jean... there's one panel (out of all the panels) where they are talking about how bad of a psychic Jean must be since she can't detect them reading her thoughts.

In this one panel, though, the chat bubbles look different than the other panels. Is it actually because Jean CAN hear their thoughts? Or why are their chat bubbles different? Every other panel with the Cuckoos has their chat bubbles showing the lines going through the perimeter of the bubble, but this particular panel does not.

Also, when Emma tells the Cuckoos to leave Jean alone then says "okay", it appears that she is sincerely protecting Jean. However, the look on her face, to me, looks mischievous and I was wondering if others see it that way. In other words, did the art suggest Emma was sincerely protecting Jean, or was there some mischievous motive Emma was getting at? I was confused because the text seemed sincere but her look on her face didn't.

2. Sadly UXM 4 didn't seem to explain why Jean was unable to read any of their minds. Does anyone have any thoughts or things that maybe I missed that explains why she was unable to read them?

I realize it could be that Emma is still able subconsciously block Jean telepathically or something like that... but it's not stated so I don't know how a reader would be expected to infer that. Also, there is no indication the Cuckoos are doing extra effort to block Jean, is there? And it doesn't make sense that Jean simply isn't skilled enough to read any of their minds because she already read Scott's mind in a previous issue of ANX.

The only thing I can think of is maybe Jean in fact overheard the entire conversation between Emma and the Cuckoos and was distracted by it and was thus "unable to read the others' minds" as she tells Kitty and Storm in ANX 10. This is doubtful but the only explanation that's coming to my mind.

I'm worried Marvel is portraying Jean's power levels differently in ANX and UXM and that bothers me. I know different authors and books commonly do this, but is It really normal to do so in a book that is literally a sibling book, that is crossing over in current continuity? I'm a new comic book reader and I find it very confusing and contradictory.

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Well... in my oppinion bendis is doing a great job with jean, giving her a different depth and new complexity. its a great new perspective!

i love the idea that her powers arent the same since shes pretty young and new in the "business"... come on, she just needs some trainning and then will become one of the most powerfulls mutants of the world. until there, im enjoying how shes going to evolve, deal with her powers, and most of all: jean and scott not being a couple.

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Jeanie is still learning. They even referenced that they can read her thoughts because she hasn't been trained.

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I think Bendis will expound on your questions in future issues. I can't wait to see Jean go toe to toe with another psychic(s.)

I was thinking that Jean may have indeed been able to detect the Cuckoos psychically and just wasn't letting them know. I remember in an earlier issue of All New X-men, we saw Jean getting blasted by miscellaneous thoughts when her telepathy first kicked in. A lot of those thoughts were "Emma." (shown as random words and names surrounding her in thought bubbles in the issue.) Being that the Cuckoos, have mentioned in Uncanny # 4 that they were trying to contact Emma but she couldn't be found... I inferred that the thoughts Jean was picking up were theirs.

Also, the theory that Magneto somehow supplied technology that would block telepathic attacks for Scott's team doesn't make sense. The Cuckoos wouldn't have been able to communicate with Emma, if that were the case. So there's definitely more going on than meets the eye.

The Cuckoos told Emma Jean was untrained, just before she told them not to mess with her. Two thoughts come to my mind: Emma doesn't know what power level Jean is at, nor what she can do in a raw fit of rage. And she's looking out for the Cuckoos. OR. Emma would rather Jean stay "untrained." On Utopia, Emma made the Cuckoos teachers to the younger students... Maybe she doesn't want them to help Jean develop her telepathy.

I lean more towards the first thought because even though Emma doesn't like Jean, I don't think she would want to intentionally harm a 16 year old Jean. Or stunt her growth.. She is pro-mutant after all.

I don't think you need to worry about inconsistent descriptions of Jean's powers between Uncanny and All New X-men. Bendis is writing them both. And so far, he's been displaying Jean as a pretty powerful telepath. There are some who believe she is still hanging around in Warren's head at the end of Uncanny #4. MOLE. ;)

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Mr. Marvel thanks for your response! You answered a few of my questions and definitely seems like we interpreted some of the scenes the same way.

I actually forgot bendis was writing both (silly me) so you're right in that I shouldn't worry about inconsistent power levels being displayed,

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@mr_marvel82: thats what i thought too. that maybe jean is mind controlling warren so she can spy on cyclops new team and maybe find out where thier location is.........im glad im not the only one who thinks this...:)

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