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Everyone heard the news that Jean Grey will be returning to X-Men comics, finally. I thought it would be in good taste to create thread where we talk about Jean Grey, Jean grey from the past or this young Jean Grey that will be coming. As well as, any future developments that are made to her character, can be discuss here.

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As copy from Here is the rules and so on

This is a thread to discuss any and everything about Jean grey.

For newbies to the character, or to the site, this is an instant "Go to" thread for questions on her powers, appearances....where to buy Jean wigs....anything

Bring up whatever you like, chit chat, have fun, post things any nice group.........there are a few things to know


2. Don't start none, won't be none

3. If you just hate the character, or her fans...then there's not much reason for you to be here, cause that ain't what this thread is about. I'm not telling you not to post, I'm just saying see point 2

4. Alternate universes ARE allowed

5. If you disagree with someone's point, then DISAGREE with them. Don't cuss em out, just DISAGREE...I'm sayin it now, so that there aren't any surprises later on

6. NO SNITCHING...Ok, now pay attention. I LIKE talking to mods. I DON'T LIKE mods having to flaunt their power in the middle of a perfectly good discussion. So, if you see someone who maybe needs to edit their post for content, ADDRESS THEM BEFORE mods get involved. If you get into an argument, and feel that maybe you and the other person(s) involved got a little too "Extra", delete/edit your posts BEFORE mods get involved.....Please don't be a buzz kill...nothing irritates me more than when Buzz Killington visits

7. If someone is just...going THERE with you...and it's just gone out of control, don't match blows...flag them. I personally just had my flag button "renewed" so that I could do just that.

In other words, be yourselves, MINUS the B.S.

Anywho, Have Fun !

So let's start of with a few questions first :

Are you happy with a a young version of Jean Grey returning or would you prefer the 616 version of her to return ?

What do you think is going to happen to the young Jean Grey and what would like to see happen to her ?

What about Cyclops and Emma, are you happy with what's happening with those characters in AVX event. With the past Cyclops returning, what do you think this means for Jean Grey. Will Scott and Jean get back together? and Should they ?

Who is annoyed, that the Whole White Crown business, hasn't really been address yet and what about her connection to Hope, should it be address soon?

I hope to hear from you guys.

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