Do you Like Bendis Jean Grey,

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I do, I missed the old Jean Grey and i wished she was back, being headmistress of her school.

I think it would be better for Storm, Jean and Wolverine to be challenging Emma, Scott and Magneto and what there doing.

The tension in the comics would be much more interesting.

Who likes Bendis Jean Grey and do you think this young Jean Grey will be around long?

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I don't prefer Jean using her powers as questionably as she has recently. My impression of jean is that she has always been sensitive to others' individual rights and that even as a teenager she would be hesitant to probe, let alone alter, anyone's mind.

That being said, I do appreciate/like what Bendis is doing here. It is definitely some much-needed character development for Jean Grey, in my humble opinion.... And even if I don't prefer the way Bendis is doing it, I can still appreciate it.

I think as long as jean ends up being ultimately good, I will really like the teen Jean even more. It makes complete sense that jean is acting this way if you really look at what's going on in her life right now. I think many people would be acting similarly.

I'd really like to see bendis make her continue doing questionable things occasionally, as long as ultimately he makes her learn a lesson, which strengthens her morals and character even more. One complaint xmen readers seem to say a lot, both Jean fans and jean haters, is that jean is "too perfect" and "unrelateable". Having jean flirt with a dark path only to realize it is the wrong path may go a long ways in helping dispel this negative reception of Jean Grey.

Regarding whether she will be around long, I definitely think she will. First, if you look at this book's sales, it is one of, if not the, strongest selling marvel comic right not week after week. Also, bendis and team decided to move the new costumes back to the 50th anniversary later this year. I don't have proof for this next statement but to me this just shows that after realizing how popular this book was with readers, they want to take more time to make costumes because they want to do a better job than they originally were.

I''m hoping teen Jean will be a permanent character or a way to bring back adult Jean. Honestly I'd be fine with either one... I just miss having jean grey around as a permanent character so I'll take whichever I can get.

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Do you Like Bendis Jean Grey,

You mean Hope Summers 2.0? (which is funny cause she's basically Jean Grey 5.0 or something)

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@fodigg said:

Do you Like Bendis Jean Grey,

You mean Hope Summers 2.0? (which is funny cause she's basically Jean Grey 5.0 or something)

lol but hope is jean 2.0 with guns

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I think he's writing her good, but I hate her. She's a stupid brat.

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Pretty much I think this is the latest attempt at appeasing Jean fans. Give us teen Jean so we will go away but it is not the same and until we see adult Jean back and the explosion at scott and logan that is bound to ensue from the last decade nothing is closed for any of the characters.

THis said killing a character off only to replace them with a clone or near clone is bad writing so is saying a character you wrote is too powerful The belief I hold with Jean is fix her dont give me another another stupid clone dont tease me with visions fix her. Want her and Scott history hell she had reason before to drop him hello Maddy and the way that ended? His proving he is not who she thought he was. Stop trying to appease us and accept that you made a mistake since it is painfully obvious with Rachel Teen Jean Maddy Hope all being nothing but Jean knock offs. Bring her back get a story line where she loses the phoenix saving the world or it leaves her judging her unworthy. And go from their.

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i do not hate her but im definitely annoyed at her.

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Mmmmh ? Bendis is bad with writing team anyway. I don't even bother to buy a comics teambook writed by him. I know he will botch the job at every time.

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No, but the girl comes to a future, where she finds out she died, her husband cheated on her and essentially kissed his new girlfriend over her grave, while her corpse was still fresh, and that her mentor is freaking dead. I'd be a little different too.

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