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Jean de Baton is a member of Section Eight, a "Superhero" team led by Six Pack, delusional wannabe superhero and supporting character in the comic series Hitman.

Jean de baton is described by Six Pack as "fighting evil with the powers of Frenchiness". He is indeed a frenchman, speaking only French without translation in the comic and dressed in wildly caricature-ish French style; armed with a loaf of french bread and a baton.

Jean de Baton has no powers but is seemingly quite nimble and is more than likely at least partially a parody of Marvel's 'Batroc the Leaper', going on his being French and how he's always bouncing around.

Jean de Baton leaps into battle with the cry: "Jean de Baton! Jean de Baton! Jean de Baton Baton!"

Jean de Baton perishes in Section 8's final battle when he tries to avenge the death of fellow teammate Flemgem; leaping at the demonic entitities that killed him, only to have his corpse thrown back to the ground mere panels later with all or at least most of its bones broken.

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