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    Jazz was a Mutant Town resident whose only mutant power was blue skin. He was killed by Johnny Dee.

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    John Arthur Zander was born in Wisconsin to two third-generation German immigrants. Zander's father was a mutant whose skin was impervious to pain, something that could be easily hidden from the conservative community in which they lived, unlike Zander's mutation.

    At age 16, Zander dropped out of high school and headed for New York with the dream of becoming a famous rapper. He instead ended up becoming a small-time drug dealer for Daniel "Shaky" Kaufman in the district of Mutant Town.


    Jazz was created by David Hine and David Yardin.

    Major Story Arcs

    District X

    While living in Mutant Town, Jazz became involved in an investigation by Detectives Bishop and Ortega due to his connections with Kaufman, and the drug that he sold which was made from a mutant known as Toad Boy.

    M-Day and the 198

    Jazz was one of the few mutants to retain his mutant powers after the effect of M-Day. After M-Day he was found by two cops who did not only find out that he was a mutant, but also that he had heroin on him. He was then given the choice to go to the Xavier Institute and join other power retaining mutants or go to jail, and hence he went to the Xavier Mansion and joined The 198.

    During a trip to Salem Center, Jazz attempted to purchase drugs, which he hoped to sell to his fellow detainees.

    Jazz was later killed by fellow mutant and teammate, Johnny Dee by a miniature voodoo doll that Johnny had crafted with Jazz's DNA. He wrapped a cord around the doll's neck which in the end choked Jazz to death.

    Powers and Abilities

    Jazz's only mutant power seems to be that he had blue skin. He also possessed mediocre skills in rapping.

    Alternate Versions

    House Of M

    Jazz appears in the House of M, as a lot more successful version of his other counterpart as here he is a famous rap and hip-hop artist.


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