Character » Jazinda appears in 47 issues.

    Daughter of the legendary Super-Skrull, partner to She-Hulk and member of the Lady Liberators.

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    Jazinda is a Skrull who teamed up with She-Hulk to catch criminals on the loose. Much is still unknown about Jazinda. In She Hulk 2 #24 it is revealed that she is a traitor to the Skrull race when she receives a message from her father disowning her for being a traitor. More Recently, "Jaz" has assisted She- Hulk and her Lady Liberators. 


    Jazinda has the natural shapeshifting abilities of the Skrull race.  Jazinda swallowed a Kree Lifestone Gem  which eventually bonded to her and grants her the power of resurrection.  To remove it would result in her immediate death because the gem is now bonded to her being. This crystal allows her a sense of immortality, being that she cannot permanently die; Every time she does, she eventually resurrects wholly healed.


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