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Living in a future, post-apocalyptic New York City, Jaynis Goldbaum is a warrior born and bred. After fighting as a soldier in an unnamed war, he stars making a living by participating in the Friday night 'special' (battles) in Time Square, along with his best (and possibly only) friend, Darrian Ashoka. After Darrian goes on a journey to find himself he does not hesitate to take his girlfriend. When Darrian returns, holding Lucifer's Halo, Jaynis demands it, since he thinks Darrian owes to him for leaving in the middle of a battle in Times Square. Darrian punches him and leaves him dazed in the bar where they met to pay for their drinks. (This post covers the events of Lucifer's Halo. Jaynis has only a small backstory in the The Return of the Goddess.).

Weapons & Wardrobe

 The weapon of choice for Jaynis is a classic one: a Viking axe. It surely suits his towering presence in the Times Square battlefield.   

His outfit is rather odd. It consists of a horned Viking-like helmet, a black and white striped t-shirt (like a hockey referee) and a pair of shorts. The helmet is one of his prized possessions and when Darrian accidentally snaps one horn off, during a bar fight with his friend over Lucifer's halo, it becomes one of the deciding factors in Darrian leaving New York and examining who his friends actually are.

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