Jay Nakamura

    Character » Jay Nakamura appears in 31 issues.

    Jay is the boyfriend of Jon Kent and the person behind The Truth. He is also the intangible superhero, Gossamer.

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    Creation and Development

    Jay Nakamura was created by Tom Taylor and John Timms. He first appeared in Superman: Son of Kal-El #2.

    Later on, it was confirmed that Jay had powers in Superman: Son of Kal-El #4 and that he was not straight and was attracted to men in Superman: Son of Kal-El #5.


    Meeting Superboy

    Jay first met Superboy after he jeopardized his normal life at school in order to save Jay and his classmates. They directly interacted when Jay handed Jon his blonde wig. Later on, they met again, after Jon saved refugees from Gamorra. Jay revealed himself to be the person behind The Truth, a news outlet that had alerted Jon to the refugees' danger.

    Afterwards, Jon met Jay at a protest. After Superman bailed Jon out of jail, Jay met up with him again and met his father. There, Clark invited Jay over for dinner, to which he accepted.

    Upon arriving, Jay got starstruck when he met Jon's mother, Lois Lane, because he, too, was a journalist and he was his hero. He ran off in embarrassment but Jon talked to him and convinced him to come back.

    When Jon went to meet his father on the moon, Jay joined the Kent family inside, until Faultline was sent to harm them. By this time, Lois and Clark were far away. Jon saved his grandparents but Jay remained unharmed due to his powers which he revealed for the first time.


    Jon flew Jay to meet up with his friends Wink and Aerie. The four teamed up to stand against Bendix and to save Faultline. However, Bendix was able to overload Jon's powers and heighten them. Now, being able to hear everything, he raced around the world to aid people. Eventually he and Jay met up again and Jay told him how he was burned out. They kissed and before Jon had to leave to help someone, they agreed to take down Bendix together.

    Powers and Abilities

    Jay possesses the power of phasing, allowing him to lower the density of his body and pass through solid matter. He can use this power to will things not to touch him.

    He also possesses journalism skills, meaning he's a good reporter and writer.

    Personal Information


    • Hair Color: Pink


    • Occupation: Journalist, student
    • Martial Status: Single

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