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    Jax is a longtime soldier and a member of the US Special Forces. He was tasked with bringing in the Black Dragon Kano and ended up becoming involved with Raiden during the Outworld tournament of Mortal Kombat to save his partner Sonya Blade.

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    Pre Mortal Kombat

    Major Jackson Briggs is known as a very competent soldier, he operates a special branch of the US Special Forces that is setup to take down organized crime syndicates like the Black Dragons. Major Briggs and his subordinate Sonya Blade used an informant named Kano to raid Black Dragon weapons deposits. Later Kano betrayed Jax and Sonya and was revealed to be a high ranking member of the Black Dragons. A lot to Jax's team was killed during his betrayal including Lieutenant Lance, Sonya Blade's partner. Jax was able to deal Kano an extreme wound by crushing one of his eye sockets. Jax and Sonya were able to place many Black Dragon thugs behind bars. Kano was able to free these members including Jarek, No-Face, Tasia, and Tremor. The Black Dragons then escaped to a warehouse, Lieutenant Sanchez had them surrounded, but before Jax could arrive on the scene they were wiped out. Jax then equipped a pair of prototype bionic arms for added strength. Once Jax had reached the warehouse he was able to fight and dispatch No-Face in a fight, killing him in the process. Jax followed Kano's trail into the sewers where he was ambushed by Tasia. Her sword skills were no match for Jax's strength. Jax then lost Kano's trail though received word from his intel officer Gemini of a coperate building being used as a Black Dragon front. After raiding the building Jax confronted Jarek and defeated him in combat, though Jarek would live to plague Jax later. After an investigation of the building Jax was lead to the lost city of Sinkiang where he battled the former Lin Kuei Tremor. After killing Tremor Jax discovered a portal to Outworld and was transported to Kano. Kano planned to use an artifact called the Eye of Chitian to further the Black Dragons criminal Empire. After a brutal fight Jax was victorious and used the Eye to teleport back to Earthrealm and imprison Kano. Kano would escape at a later date and be found by Jax's squad boarding a boat for an unknown destination. Sonya Blade would follow leaving Jax to wonder and worry where his partner went. Both Sonya and Kano became participants in the Mortal Kombat tournament. Jax would soon learn of the other realms.

    Mortal Kombat 2

    After the end of the first Mortal Kombat tournament, Jax went looking for clues to the whereabouts of Sonya Blade. He located instead Johnny Cage outside the Special Forces headquarters. Jax detained and interrogated him to learn what happened to Sonya. Johnny Cage explained the Mortal Kombat tournament though He did not believe the fantastical story until Sonya sent Jax a video feed telling him that she and Kano were working together to escape Outworld. After apologizing to Johnny for not believing him he let him leave and then arrived to aid Johnny on his set when Kintaro came to kill him. Jax would then travel to Outworld to participate in the tournament along with the other Earthrealm warriors under Raiden. At the conclusion when Liu Kang defeated Shao Kahn Jax was able to arrest Kano once more though he escaped after they crossed back into Earthrealm. Jax met with his superiors to discuss what had happened. The Military and Government didn't believe the major who called for stronger action against Outworld and tried to warn them of the imminent danger. Jax had to resort to stockpiling weaponry in case Shao Kahn ever again possessed a threat. That day would come a lot sooner than Major Briggs suspected.

    Mortal Kombat 3

    Jax was one of the few Earthrealm warriors to be recruited by Raiden to face the invasion of Outworld. Jax outfitted himself with the bionic arm implants once again to increase his strength and overall effectiveness in battle. Jax was forced to hide in the shadows along with, Liu Kang, Kitana, Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, Nightwolf, Sonya Blade, Kabal, Kurtis Stryker, and the younger Sub-Zero. Raiden protected their souls from Shao Kahn's magic though this did not extend to the body and the group was forced to fight off Shao Kahn's extermination squads. Kung Lao is the first to fight Shao Kahn though he is badly beaten and left for dead. Liu Kang then fights and defeats the emperor restoring Earthrealm to its former state. Jax survives the events and goes on to found the Outworld Investigation Agency with the mission of using science to open portals to explore other realms and to close all portals leading to Outworld.

    Mortal Kombat 4

    Later the fledgeling Agency experience trouble when Agent Sonya Blade disappeared while looking for the supposed last member of the Black Dragons, Jarek. Jax had fought and defeated Jarek before though failed to kill him. Jax was worried due to Sonya's failed check ins though learned from Raiden that she became involved in the battle against the fallen Elder God Shinnok and his coup over Edenia. Jax was able to assist after the initial assault and helped drive back Shinnok and his demon minions. Jax and Sonya also located a damaged Cyrax who had become trapped in the Edenian desert. The y repaired him and restored his humanity gaining another ally for their agency. Jax also personally fought and defeated Jarek a second time and threw him off a cliff killing him. Or so he thought, Jarek would survive once again by using his sword to slow his fall by stabbing it into the cliff. Gravely wounded but not dead Jarek used this as a cover to move undetected and plotted revenge against Jax.

    Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance

    Years later Jax would recruit another promising member into his agency, the blind swordsman Kenshi. Kenshi sought to eliminate Shang Tsung and used Jax's portal stations to travel to Outworld so he could eliminate the sorcerer for blinding him. Kenshi was given a mission to locate another of Jax's subordinates though this time it was not Sonya Blade who was missing. The cyborg Cyrax had become stranded in Outworld when his wrist portal device had become damaged. During the misson the OIA agency building was nuked by a traitor named Hsu Hao. Hsu Hao was in fact a Red Dragon clansmen working under a man named Mavado. After these events Jax was once again summoned by Raiden to deal with dark forces outside of Earthrealm though this time it was the plans of the sorcerors Quan Chi and Shang Tsung who had disposed of Shao Kahn and killed Liu Kang. Jax used this trip into Outworld to find Hsu Hao and Jax then tore out the artificial heart device keeping him alive, killing him. Once the Deadly Alliance had reached its goal Jax and his fellow Earthrealm warriors made a final stand against them. Kung Lao and Kitana battled the sorcerers while Jax, Sonya, and Johnny Cage battled the Tarkatan hordes under their command. All five would be slain that day leaving Raiden to battle Quan Chi and Shang Tsung himself. After Raiden lost the fight Onaga, the Dragon King, resurrected himself and proceeded to attack the Deadly Alliance and Raiden. Raiden's self sacrificing blast had little effect and the Earthrealm warriors, Jax included, were resurrected by Onaga as slaves to his will. Jax would later be freed by the spirit of Liu Kang and the soul construct Ermac.


    Jax would later reform the Outworld Investigation Agency and use it has a force to deal with the Black Dragon, Red Dragon, and Tekunin clan lead by the former Lin Kuei cyborg Sektor. During a raid on one of the Tekunin airships Jax and his team were captured and presumed dead since Sonya Blade had received weird readings from Jax's scanners. Jax would later arrive at the battle just outside of the Pyramid of Argus where he joined the forces of light against most of the evil fighters across the realms. Jax would go on to break Quan Chi's leg, though he would be sent flying by Shao Kahn. Jax along with every warrior besides Shao Kahn would die during this fight. Jax was killed by a spear possibly indicating Hotaru to be his killer. Raiden would then send a message back in time in an effort to change the past to prevent Shao Kahn from gaining the ultimate power of Blaze.

    Mortal Kombat 2011

    Due to Raiden's interference with the time stream Jax has a notably different role. Jax is first seen being held priosner in Goro's lair during the first Mortal Kombat tournament where he is used as incentive for Sonya Blade to particiapte. After being tortured and beaten Sonya rescues the Major and calls in a helicopter to pick them up. This ride is promptly destroyed by Shang Tsung who forces Sonya to fight Kano while Jax cannot even stand. After Sonya wins Raiden appears and heals Jax's wounds and explains the meaning behind his visions of the future. Jax does not participate in the tournament itself though is witness to the death of the older Sub-Zero as well as Liu Kang's victory over Shang Tsung. After the tournament at the Wu Shi Academy Jax is present when Shang Tsung sends a Tarkatan horde to ransack the temple and force the Earthrealm warriors into a second tournament. jax defeats a number to Tarkatan though is knocked out during the battle. When he awakens he finds Sonya Blade has been kidnapped and immediately jumps to rescue her. Jax due to his impetuous nature is the first combatant to fight in the Outworld tournament by fighting Baraka in Shao Kahn;s throne room. Jax emerges victorious and then travels with Cage and Raiden to find Sonya Blade while Liu Kang and Kung Lao free their Shaolin masters. Once inside the armory Jax has an altercation with Cage that results in Cage getting a black eye. Jax then proceeds to fight and defeat Jade as well as Sheeva to free Sonya. After freeing Sonya, Jax was able to detect high levels of technology in Outworld. Since this could only come from Earth Sonya and Jax traveled to find the source. Surprisingly they found the younger Sub-Zero who was searching for the reason his brother died. After explaining Scorpion was the killer Ermac appeared to challenge the intruders. Jax was the first to setup though this would cost him dearly. Ermac telekinetically ripped both if Jax's arms off. After Sub-Zero defeated Ermac he gave the location of a portal back to Earth for Sonya to take the gravely injured Jax to. Jax would later appear during Shao Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm with his bionic arms. He would restore Cyber Sub-Zero's humanity like he did in the standard timeline to Cyrax. Jax then fights off an attack from Lin Kuei cyborgs alongside the other Earthrealm warriors, but is then killed when Sindel slams her hell into his neck. He would then be resurrected by Quan Chi as a Netherealm servant and used against Raiden.

    Mortal Kombat (2011): "A decorated member of the U.S. Special Forces and a formidable close- kombat warrior, Major Jackson Briggs' current mission is to bring down the notorious criminal organization known as the Black Dragon. With Lieutenant Sonya Blade, he has seized many of their weapons caches. But when a trusted informant, Kano, was revealed to be a high-ranking member of the Black Dragon, Jax made Kano's capture his priority. Kano has gotten the better of Jax thus far, leading the Special Forces into numerous deadly ambushes. Jax and Sonya finally cornered Kano on an uncharted island but were overpowered by the island's inhabitants. They have now been forced into a sadistic ritual of bloody kombat."


    • Height: 6'8"
    • Weight: 350 lbs
    • Nationality: American
    • Martial Art: Judo, Muy Thai, Military Hand to Hand Combat
    • Preferred Weapons: Steel Tonfa's, Thompson Sub-Machine Gun, Uzi

    Powers and Abilities

    Jax is a member of the US Special Forces and as such had received extensive training in firearms, hand to hand combat, anti-terrorism, and tactics. He is considered a valuable leader and can keep a cool head in most situations. He has been trained in Muy Thai and Judo making him a deadly fighter. His strength was superhuman even before receiving his implants. He could easily crush skulls and make the ground quake from a single punch. His bionic arms increase this strength exponentially and are equipped with some hidden weaponry as well. Jax is also a trained scientist having overseen the portal creation for the Outworld investigation Agency and having restore Cyrax's humanity in the original timeline and Cyber Sub-Zero's in MK 2011's timeline.

    Energy Wave: Jax fires a sonic powered wave at his opponent

    Assualt Wave: The upgrade to Energy Wave that does more damage to Jax's opponent.

    Ground Pound: One of Jax's most memorable moves where he punches the ground to disorient his opponent.

    Ground Quake: The upgrade to the Ground Pound where Jax's punch launches his opponent into the air.

    Gotcha Grab: Jax proceeds to grab his opponent and lift them up by their next and then punches them in the face repeatedly

    Gotcha Beatdown: The upgrade to Gotcha Grab where Jax adds even more punches to his opponents face.

    Air Gotcha Grab: Jax's airborne version of the Gotcha Grab.

    Air Gotcha Blast: The upgrade to Air Gotcha Grab

    Dash Punch: Jax dashes in front of his opponent and punches them in the face.

    Dash Fist: The upgrade to Dash Punch where Jax grabs hthe opponent by the face after the punch connects and slams them into the ground.

    Missile: Jax fires a missile from his bionic arms

    Double Missile: The upgrade where Jax fires a missile from each arm for double damage

    Piston Punch: Jax uses the pistons in his arms to puch his opponent in rapid succession

    Machine Gun: Jax equips his machine gun and fires a volley of rounds into his opponent. The gun appears to be a Thompson Sub-machine gun in MK:A and an Uzi in MK vs DCU

    Back Breaker: Jax grabs his opponent midair and slams them into the ground trying to break their spine.

    Plasma Ball: Jax fires a purple plasma ball from his bionic arms.

    Blinding Light: Jax slams his arms together and causes a blinding flash similar to a flash-bang grenade.

    Overhead Smash: Jax jumps into the air and slams his elbow into his opponents head.

    Elite Smash: The upgrade to Overhead Smash where Jax grabs his opponent after elbowing them into an inverted piledriver.

    X-Ray Move - Briggs Bash: Jax throws the opponent into the air and brings them down on his knee breaking their lower torso, spine, stomach, and legs. He then tosses them again and brings them down over his shoulders breaking their ribcage, skull, and upper spine.


    Head Clap: Jax claps his hands over his opponents head so hard he crushes their head.

    Arm Rip: Jax proceeds to rip the arms off his opponent.

    Super Quad Slam: Jax repeatedly slams into his opponent until they explode.

    Big Foot: Jax grows to a huge size and simply steps on his opponent.

    Slice'em Up: Jax molds his bionic arms into swords and chops his opponent into little bits of gore.

    Foot Decap: Jax knocks his opponent over and jumps on their head decapitating them.

    Air Machine Gun: Jax knocks his opponent into the air and fires his machine gun into their stomachs while they are in midair.

    Smash and Grab: Jax combines his first two fatalities where he claps their head off first then rips offf the opponents arms.

    Three Points: Jax bashes his opponent into the ground with three overhead strikes then kicks them in the face to daze them. He then kicks again this time punting their head off like a football.

    Other finishers

    • Friendship #1: Jax cuts out some paper dolls. (MKII)
    • Friendship #2: Jax begins to jump rope. (MK3, UMK3, MKT)
    • Animality: Jax turns into a lion and mauls the opponent. (MK3, UMK3, MKT)
    • Babality: Jax becomes a baby and begins pounding the ground in a tantrum. (MK 2011)

    Video Game Appearances

    • Mortal Kombat II
    • Mortal Kombat III
    • Ultimate Mortal Kombat III
    • Mortal Kombat Trilogy
    • Mortal Kombat IV
    • Mortal Kombat Gold
    • Mortal Kombat: Special Forces
    • Mortal Kombat Advance
    • Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
    • Mortal Kombat: Deception
    • Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
    • Mortal Kombat: Unchained
    • Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
    • MK vs. DC Universe
    • Mortal Kombat (2011)

    Other Media

    Mortal Kombat (film)

    Jax appears briefly in the Mortal Kombat movie, accompanying Sonya Blade on a raid against Kano's forces.

    Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

    Lynn "Red" Williams as Jax

    Jax was portrayed by former American Gladiator, Lynn Williams in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

    Sonya recruits him to join her and the other Earthrealm warriors in battle against Shao Khan and his forces. In the final battle, he fights and defeats Motaro.

    Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realms

    In Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realms, Jax is voiced by Dorian Harewood.

    Animated Jax
    Animated Jax

    Throughout the series, he is shown to have a strong friendship with Sonya, and a playfully antagonistic relationship with Raiden. When he temporarily loses his cybernetic arms after being attacked by Komodai, he realizes that he had been relying on them like a crutch; he defeats Komodai and rescues Sonya without the use of his cybernetic enhancers, using tactics and maneuverability.

    Mortal Kombat: Rebirth

    Michael Jai White plays Jax in Mortal Kombat: Rebirth. In this short film, he informs top assassin Hanzo Hasashi about serial killers in an underground tournament led by Shang Tsung. He tries to convince Hasashi to join the tournament.

    Mortal Kombat: Legacy

    White reprises his role as Jax in Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Jax leads a police squad along with Kurtis Stryker in an assault on the warehouse of Kano and the Black Dragon clan, to rescue Sonya, who is being held captive by Kano. As the squad fights against Kano's thugs, Jax confronts Kano himself and engages him in combat. Kano uses his torturing of Sonya to taunt Jax during their fight, and a furious Jax gains the upper hand and brutally beats Kano, managing to punch him with enough force to sever his right eye. One of Kano's thugs throws a grenade towards Jax and he is severely wounded. He does survive, however, but at the cost of his arms.


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