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2005: 1st Comic book work printed by Comixpress; Frank Ng Hired Gun. Written by Ron Fortier.

2009: Femforce 150, 151 by AC Comics

2010: Concrete Dove by What the Flux Comics Artist of 5 page flashback story in re-printing of issue #1, plus drew the cover.

2011: Inker on Entity #1 published by What the Flux Comics, pencils by Larry Jerrell.

2013: Currently working on Project; OverWatch with writer Martin Dunn. Kickstarter started September 9, 2013 and it ends 10/9/2013.

2013: Currently working on The Adventures of Ebon Black as penciler.

In 2016 he's busy drawing sequential art for CAE Studios/Big Pond Comics, for Cornestone Creative Studios, for several clients &d many of his friends! In September 2016 he started inking his own sequential work. October 1st, 2016 saw the first appearance of his brand new cover for IDW, on REVOLUTIONS #1. He provided the pencil art for the Retailer Exclusive cover for Read More Comics & Tampa Bay Toy Expo, both organizations located in Brandon, FL.

He also helped produce a promotional poster for the Pay-Per-View wrestling event WWN/IFP "Till DEATH do us PART!" which took place in September!


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