Character » Javen appears in 11 issues.

    Javen is a shape shifting alien that planned on taking over his own world and destroying Earth. He was stopped by Mr. Majestic and Helspont.

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    Javen was an old friend of Majestic's back on Khera. They fought together in the war against the Daemonite's millenia ago. While Majestic became a Warlord, Javen became the leader of the Shaper's Guild with the title of Master Motile. In the present day, Javen came to Earth to get genetic material from Majestic and Savant so he could create a new Khera on Earth after staging a coup on Khera.


    Javen is a deadly enemy of many skills. As a result of his millenia in combat, he is an amazing fighter, able to defeat Zealot, Harmony and a weakened Majestic in combat. As an experienced Shaper he is a master of his liquid metal form and the many ways he can cause pain with it. Javen also uses deception and manipulation as weapons in his arsenal.

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