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    An Olympic athlete turned criminal/Mercenary his skill, and an arsenal of javelin based trick weapons (Much like Arsenal's and Green Arrow's trick Arrows).

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    Javelin's first appearance was Green Lantern 173.

    An athletic criminal about whom little is known, the Javelin first appeared in Los Angeles, California, where he was hired by Congressman Jason Bloch to steal the engine of Ferris Aircraft's valuable Solar Jet.

    This crime inevitably brought the Javelin into conflict with Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), who worked at Ferris' in his secret identity.

    During their first conflict, Javelin learned of GL's weakness of not being able to affect anything yellow, and thus painted the missle he launched at Ferris Aircraft yellow, and converted his entire arsenal to yellow javelins. Captured by Green Lantern, the villain later resurfaced and allegedly fought Skyrocket of the Power Company.

    He later agreed to become a member, albeit temporarily, of the Suicide Squad in exchange for eliminating his criminal record. His first mission was to go to Russia to free Nemisis. On this mission the Squad comes into conflict with the Justice League International. His last Squad mission was a battle with the evil Circe, part of War of the Gods crossover. Javelin is part of an entirely new version of the Squad, created to simply have cannon fodder. During the invasion the sorceress Circe would impale Javelin with one of his own weapons seemingly killed.

    Javelin would later appear in San Francisco, remarking upon his apparent demise years earlier and his subsequent survival, working for the paranoid Doctor Cyber. He is once again defeated by his old enemy Skyrocket when he tried to battle her.

    One Year Later

    Despite this he was captured by GL without too much trouble, the Javelin remained behind bars, until he was hired to kill Amanda Waller, and during the attempt he was killed. One of his other demises was during a Squad mission, where Punch and the first Tattooed Man were casualties. He was run over, by a jeep, while he was pulling Jewelee away from Punch's corpse. The soldier was shot through the heart by Rick Flag, earlier.

    JLA: Cry for Justice

    Javelin is seen fighting Green Arrow and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) in downtown Gotham. He throws his spear towards the heroes and it shatters against Supergirl. She proceeds to knock him out cold.

    Other Media

    Javelin appears as a machine in Batman NES.

    In JLU he's a new recruit of the secret society.


    The Suicide Squad (2021)

    No Caption Provided

    Javelin is a member of the first team. The character is portrayed by Flula Borg.


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