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Nikki Ranoakke was a California girl who was into martial arts, weapons and saving the rain forests. Her life changed shortly after her father's "death". She always suspected foul play but her suspicions were confirmed the day she tricked her father's accountant into admitting that he arranged her fathers death so he could gain control of the company and cut down a rain forest.

Armed with several weapons, some high tech gadgets and a tank, Nikki ventured into the rain forest and rescued a white tiger from some of the work men hired by her company to poach and tear down the forest. She killed the men which earns her the gratitude of the tiger, that she names Minges.  The white tiger becomes her pet and accompanies her on her quest. Nikki soon finds a tribe of Amazons and almost immediately she was greeted with hostility despite her seeking them to warn them of impending danger. The leader of the tribe in particular was threatened by Nikki and challenged her to a duel to the death (due to  their scripture saying that the one who comes in the company of the sacred white beast will be Queen). Despite not wishing the warrior queen any harm, Nikki was forced to fight her and killed the woman, becoming Queen and taking the name Jatarri (the name of the sun at night).  Nikki takes to her role as queen of the amazon tribe and spends a great deal of  time teaching the amazons more modern fighting styles to better protect themselves from the invaders she knows will be coming. Jatarri is taken to a special chamber and shown an object that transports her to the Moon of Praktill.

On Praktill, Nikki's ears grow catlike (she voices that they make her look like an elf) and some time later sprouts a tail as well. She stumbles upon a battle and meets Klor, a humanoid horse (a human upper body with a horses head and lower body).  While under attack by a band of Spigmodites, Klor and Nikki chance upon Ryntha, a humanoid tiger like female known as a Kisabian.  Nikki is immediately smitten with the (in her words) "Magnificent" being and the duo rescue Ryntha.
The trio are pursed by a living plague know as the Spigmodites.  Stumbling upon a a baby Rockstomper, Klor orders Nikki to kill it so that they might live.  When Nikki won't comply  Ryntha shoots  the helpless creature and Nikki says a prayer for the infant much to Klor's dismay. At the monastery where the trio take sanctuary, Nikki and Ryntha are allowed to sleep alone in the temple (as opposed to the duo sleeping with the Monks as Ryntha points out to them). Ryntha makes her intentions known by stating that she has been unable to concentrate on anything but her due largely to her outfit (Nikki was garbed in upper body armor and a thong). The two kiss and then make love in the temple consummating their marriage. 

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