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Brief History

Jat and his crew encountered the X-men a few times. First when they came to earth, h and his teammates were looking to score a payday by scavenging Danger and turning in Charlie X for a bounty. Then once more after Rogue came out to space searching for lost X-Men only to bump into the Salvegers once more, where some of whom wanted to kill Rogue for old time sake. On both occasions Jat was the only member of the crew that had somewhat of an affection towards Rogue, and the only one who had a more friendly stand with the X-woman. When Jat and his team tried to scrounge some tech from a derelict Shi'ar colony before it fell into it's own native sun. The teamed up with Rogue, Rachel, Magneto and Gambit in order to save the X-men's lost teammates, Havok and Polaris along with their starjammer friend Korvus.

Jat remained friendly towards Rogue, even though most other members where picking on her on more then one occasion.



A form of bionic implants which enables Jat to mentally link with and control the functional programming of any high-tech he focuses on. He can even use his tech mods to directly download digital information into his brain in order to ascertain information on a desired subject in regards to how the technology he's working with works. Jat once boasted he could wipe out major metropolitan electrical grids with it just by scratching underneath his armpits.


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