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    Jason is a hero of the Greek mythology who battled at Troy and then went on an epic journey back to his home of Argos, along with his friends and comrades, the Argonauts.

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    Jason is one of the principal heroes in the myths of the ancient Greeks. Pelias of Iolcus swore to give up the stolen throne once Jason returned with the Golden Fleece. Jason assembled a group of hero for the epic journey


    Jason is a mythical character whose creator is unknown, and whether the character is completely fictional or based on fact is not known. The first appearance of the character was in Four Color #1006.

    Character Evolution

    Jason has only shown up intermittently in the history of comics. In the golden age of comics it was common for a comic publisher's to retell the stories of ancient heroes in comic format (comics were not dominated by the superhero genre at the time.) Later the character became a minor recurring background character in the publication history of Wonder Woman. As well the character become a character in various short series from Blue Water Comics.

    Major Story Arcs

    In the Rise of the Olympian story-arc in Wonder Woman volume 3. Zeus brought him and the Argonauts back to life in order to finish all wars and finally bring peace to Earth. Zeus also promised him to create a child for him.

    Powers and Abilities

    A regular man of extraordinary fighting ability and cunning, Jason managed to capture the Golden Fleece, which gave him various powers, including the ability to resist harm.


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