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      Jason White: Who are you? 
        Clark Kent: I'm Clark... Kent.  
          An old friend of your mom's  
            before you were born. 
              Jason White: Really? 
                She never mentioned you. 
                  Clark Kent: Really?... Never? 
                                              -Superman Returns (2006).

Superman Returns 

 Lois and Jason in Suerman Returns
 Lois and Jason in Suerman Returns
Jason is a human/kriptonian hybrid presented as the son of Lois Lane and Richard White (Perry's nephew) in the movie Superman Returns. Lois confesses in the end that Jason is son of Superman.


 Lois and Jason
 Lois and Jason
Jason was created by Brian Singer, Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris to be the result of the romantic relation between Lois Lane and Superman in the movie Superman II


Jason share the same powers than his father, but being half human his kriptonian powers are weak and unstable. 


He is a fragile child with astthma. Like every kriptonian green kriptonite weakens him.

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