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    Nice but you feel like you read or seen this before.

    So my friend had a copy of this and asked if I wanted to check it out. I was like oh ya I would love that, most of all because I am a huge fan of both Leather Face and Jason V. So I started to read it seamed good to me I started to feel sucked into the comic. So as I read more and more I started to think well its okay, but I feel like I have read this before. I say that because I have read many other comics with fights like this in it. Anyway the action starts to pick up and thats when it gets good a real gore fest. I like that my self as do others, but then its all the same Leather face hacks him up then Jason slices Leather Face back and forth. Its starts to to really just repeat it self but in different forms, but I did not fall for it.  Then I near the end and boom I am done, now I can't say I loved it but can't say I hated it I am in between. I mean some of it I found rather enjoyable while other parts were just plain horrible. So I give it 3 stars I recommend if your a die hard fan of  both characters read it , but if not I would not bother with it, and also I would not recommend to any young viewers. So if you do pick it up hope you enjoy it more than I did.

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