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    Mommy's boy and legendary Crystal Lake 'Slasher', Jason was the multi homicidal main character of the Friday The 13th, franchise. Seeking for vengeance, Jason is considered the most brutal mass killer of all time in the film world.

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    Jason Voorhees was a physically deformed child. His handicaps alienated him from other children, who tormented him both psychologically and physically. This alienation lead to him forming a special bond with his mother Pamela Voorhees, as when Jason was a child his father left in fear of his mother. After his father left his mother was his only true friend and caretaker.

    Pamela wanted young Jason to have all of the fun and experiences the other children had, and wanted nothing more than for him to be happy. So one year she allowed little Jason to join a summer camp, at Camp Crystal Lake, Where she worked as the cook. However one fateful day, the two counselors on duty who were meant to be supervising the young campers, left their duties to have sex. While the counselors were having indulging their carnal desires, little Jason was chased down to the Lake by the other kids who threw him into the water. However, Jason didn't know how to swim, and without any adult supervision he drowned.

    This was something which his mother could not forgive. Hearing the voice of her dead son, drove her to murderous madness. She went on to kill many camp counselors, in the name of her son who rested at the bottom of the Crystal Lake.

    One fateful night however, a Camp Counselor by the name of Alice fought back, decapitating Pamela with her own machete. That night Jason witnessed his mother die, bringing life back into his cold rotting corpse, he would avenge his mother's death. Thus, Jason not only has suffered the abuse, ridicule and humiliation that others caused him throughout his whole childhood, also he suffered the murder of the only person who loved him: his mother. Because of this, Jason developed an animadversion so hellish that he killed, without any distinction (except children), all those who invaded his territory.


    Returning from death
    Returning from death

    After returning from the watery grave of Crystal Lake, Jason became the prominent killer in the second film, a trend that would last the rest of the series. with the exception being Part V: A New Beginning.

    Friday The 13th Part 2

    Before he wore the iconic hockey mask, Jason wore a burlap sack with a single eye-hole. With this crude covering on, he tracked his mother's killer Alice. He followed to her quiet suburban home where he drove a screw-driver through her skull. After dispatching Alice, Jason returned to Crystal Lake only to find a new group of campers had set-up shop, in his home. He murdered them in various ways.

    The main protagonist, Ginny bore a striking resemblance to Voorhees' mother. She used this to her advantage and convinced Jason to kneel down in front of her. As Jason became aware of the ruse, another survivor, Paul, arrived in time to distract Jason as Ginny slashed through his shoulder. However, it didn't kill Jason, and he returned with one last jump scare where the survivors were hiding; crashing through the window, grabbing Paul. Ginny would wake up in an ambulance sometime later, having no recollection of what transpired after these events, leaving Paul's fate unclear and Jason still wandering the woods.

    Friday The 13th Part 3

    Jason finally donned his iconic mask when he killed the lovable goofball Shelley. This time the protagonist was Chris, a woman who had been attacked and almost killed by a mysterious figure previously at Camp Crystal Lake years ago. This time she ran across Jason who murdered all of her friends in unique ways; pitchforks to the throat, spears to the eye, and eye-popping head crushing. Confronting Jason at the top level of a barn, Chris was successfully able to place a noose around Jason's neck, pushing him off and hanging him. When she thought it was all over, Jason sprang back to life, revealing his face, that of Chris' attacker years ago. Ultimately Chris defeated Jason by burying an axe straight into his head.

    Hockey Mask, icon of a mass slayer
    Hockey Mask, icon of a mass slayer

    The end of this film seems to pay homage to Cunningham's original ending. Chris awakes in a small boat in the morning and is terrified to see that Jason has apparently survived. Panicking as Jason comes toward her, she tries to escape. Right then, a figure that appears to be Jason's mother Pamela, somehow not decapitated, pops out of the water, grabbing Chris from behind. Awakening from an apparent nightmare, Chris is seen being escorted away by the police, having seemingly gone mad from the previous events.

    Friday The 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter

    Jason faced his most notorious foe Tommy Jarvis. Tommy was just a young child, but he was the only character (aside from Jason) to appear in more than two Friday the 13th films. The day after Jason was defeated by the hands of previous survivor Chris, he woke up in the local hospital where he proceeded to kill a nurse with a scalpel, and Doctor Axel with a bonesaw. Jason then made his way back to the camp only find that strangers have yet again invaded his home. Once more, this spurs another murder spree.

    However in a strange twist of fate among st the carnage Tommy realized that Jason wasn't very clever. So Tommy proceeded to shave his head in order to make himself resemble the child form of Mr. Voorhees. Jason was caught by surprise, and Tommy used the situation to his advantage, by hacking Jason into several pieces. Jason was hit in the head, and fell face first onto the ground with his quivering head sliding viscerally down the machete's blade.

    Friday The 13th Part 5: A New Beginning

    Jason only appeared in flashbacks to previous films. And hallucinations of Tommy Jarvis who had become heavily traumatized from his previous experience with Jason.

    Roy Burns, a paramedic whose son had been killed at Camp Crystal Lake, dons the Jason attire. He then continues Jason's legacy of mutilation and murder. Tommy Jarvis re-appeared as a troubled teenager.

    Friday The 13th Part 6: Jason Lives

    Tommy Jarvis returned. With a buddy, Tommy decided to make sure that Jason could never come back. So they found Jason's grave, and opened his casket with the intention to burn his corpse. However, at the sight of seeing Jason, Tommy lost control and began driving a metal fence post into Jason's corpse. Sudden lightning struck the metal post, and the electricity re-animated Jason.

    still for a little while
    still for a little while

    Jason immediately killed Tommy's friend, and Tommy ran off in fear. Jason retrieved his mask from the open grave and returned to Camp Crystal Lake (which had been re-named Camp Forest Green in an attempt to cleanse the Camp of the negative press it had received over the years). While Jason was slaying the Camp counselors, Tommy was locked up in the county jail for acting like a lunatic. After some help from the Sheriff's daughter, Tommy was freed. In his last battle with Jason, he anchored a large stone to Voorhees' neck, drowning him for the second time.

    Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood

    Jason was pitted against his most formidable foe so far, Tina. A young woman with psychic powers, Tina accidentally drowned her own father in Crystal Lake when she was a child. Tina's therapist thought it would be beneficial for her to return to Crystal Lake (where she had first discovered her powers) to help put things to rest. However, it was a deceitful lie by her therapist who wanted to strengthen and study Tina's unique abilities.

    One night when she was particularly frustrated, Tina went out to the docks to vent. Accidentally, her venting caused the resurrection of Jason. Yet again, Jason proceeded to kill counselors, Tina's mother, her therapist, and anyone he could find. Eventually only Tina and her boyfriend remained. There was a final epic battle between Jason and Tina, in which she electrocuted him, strangled him, filled his face with nails, sets him on fire, and eventually resurrects her own father who drowned Jason for the third time.

    Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan

    Seeking bloody vengeance
    Seeking bloody vengeance

    Jason had resurrected once again from his watery tomb, when a boat anchor sliced open a power cable running across the bottom of the lake. The surge of electricity revived him once more. Jason found his way on board a cruise ship, on which he murdered several college students in unique ways; guitar chopping, hot sauna rocks punched though the torso, and neck snapping. The remaining students and teachers realized what was happening, and abandoned the ship. They took a small raft and landed in New York's harbor. However Jason followed them to the City, and killed most of them until he was ultimately submerged and drowned in toxic waste.

    Jason Goes To Hell

    withstanding the burst of fire from the army
    withstanding the burst of fire from the army

    Jason mysteriously returned to Crystal Lake, and was promptly set up by the military who blew him into pieces. However, his heart was intact and when it was examined during his autopsy, the heart began to beat, emitting a kind of evil spell which drove the coroner to devour it. This allowed Jason's soul to inhabit the Doctor's body, and it was revealed that he could be reborn if he found someone bearing Voorhees blood.

    Eventually he found Diana Kimble and her adult daughter Jessica, who both bear the bloodline. Jason's hunt continued as his soul traveled from body to body, in search of Diana and Jessica. He eventually inhabited Diana's body and was reborn through her, but Creighton Duke, an unfortunate bounty hunter, told of the only way to put an end to Jason: he can only be killed by a magic dagger (from the Evil Dead series) wielded by the hand of a Voorhees. After Duke was killed by Jason, the protagonists beat him with the fatal blow of the dagger. This sent Jason to Hell, while Freddy Krueger dragged his hockey mask into Hell.

    This movie reveals some clues about the secrets of the resurrection and the supernatural origins of the Jason's demonic powers, as when is evidenced in the Voorhees's house, the ancient book of evil magic ritual to contact powerful demonic entities: The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, which suggests that Pamela Voorhees (Jason's mother) has used it at some time to resuscitate Jason.

    Jason X

    Chronologically this is the end of the Jason series, but it is not the last film.

    Jason took his bloody adventures into space. After having been captured by the government, he ultimately broke free of his confines. Slaughtering almost everyone in the facility, a lone survivor managed to freeze Jason and herself in cryo-freeze. Having been discovered in the future on an uninhabitable Earth, they were brought on board a ship by students on a field trip from the new human colony, Earth-2. There, having been resurrected, he began his killing spree once again, leaving only a few survivors and the unfortunate woman frozen along side him previously to try and stop his reign of terror. After having been blown apart by an android, he was resurrected by the ship's nanobot repair technology, becoming what was known as Uber-Jason, even more powerful than he once was. Eventually Jason was shot out of an airlock, falling through the atmosphere of Earth-2. As a couple on an Earth-2 lakeside go to investigate what they see as an apparent meteor, we get a final glimpse of Jason's new mask, floating by itself in the depths of the lake.

    Freddy Vs Jason

    Jason was pitted against fellow horror icon Freddy Krueger. Having been resurrected from Hell by Freddy, Jason was tricked into going to Elm St, where he killed high school students to renew their fear of Freddy, which would allow Freddy to also return from Hell. Having been pulled out of the dream world by one of the survivors, Freddy battled Jason at Camp Crystal Lake. Freddy, slowly dying, was ultimately impaled by his own severed glove-bearing arm, used against him by the also dying Jason and decapitated by the heroine of the story. In an ambiguous ending, Jason rises from the depths of Camp Crystal Lake the next morning, holding Krueger's decapitated head, which winks at the camera, cutting to black.

    Friday The 13th (2009)

    The Story of Jason's first four films was revamped for a newer generation.

    Physical Statistics & Characteristics

    Height: 6' 5" (1.95 m)

    Weight: 250 lbs (124.73 kg)

    Hair Color: Red

    Eyes: Brown

    Visible Scars

    Over the years, Jason has picked up a number of gruesome injuries, including gunshot wounds, stabbings, burns, and a number of different scars and marks left by those few survivors. Furthermore, Jason is sometimes portrayed as a decaying corpse, skeleton showing through hanging strips of flesh, flesh itself moldy looking and partially eaten by maggots. Other times, he is portrayed as human looking enough, though almost all versions show his face as being extremely deformed and hideous, clearly a victim of hydrocephalus. In Jason X, it is revealed that he has the brain the size of a Dinosaur.

    Desired Weapon

    Machete and sometime his brute strength.


    After the burlap sack with a hole in it, Jason preferred to wear the iconic Hockey Mask. He liked to cover his face, even when he was undead. So it was possible he was quite conscious and shy about his ghastly visage.

    Powers and Abilities

    Jason Voorhees is a magical powerhouse capable of performing astonishing feats of strength that are otherwise impossible for a human being, the reason why Jason has been listed as magical is that some people say some force exists in Crystal lake that brought Jason back to life after he drowned as a child . No one is clear how exactly he survived but it is assumed that it had a massive impact on Jason physical attributes. Other evidence suggest that the Jason's powers were originated by the call of a demonic spirit of vengeance that Jason's mother, probably summoned through the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis book.

    Jason not only has an incredible Superhuman strength, but as part of his repertoire of supernatural powers, in times of dire need he can summon forth a powerful demonic spirit seeking revenge. Jason also is characterized by disappearing and then reappearing surreptitiously from one place to another almost as if he were a ghost or was teleportation. His evil essence or malignant spirit can induce situations involving any direct or indirect form of resurrection in him. Also he possesses a regenerative factor that allows himself to survive against the most brutal and fatal injuries to his body. To date, Jason has been subjected to many extreme forms of extermination and destruction, such as: drowning, strangulation, electrocution, shooting with high caliber firearms at point-blank range, burning or incineration, stabbing and dismemberment by explosion. However, under all these circumstances he can not die because his body is just a medium to hold his demonic spirit engulfed in his hellish revenge, reanimating over and over again to kill those who dare to enter into his territory. Similarly, if Jason's body is completely destroyed his demonic spirit. will be able to take possession of any other body that is alive and continue his carnage. However, he can only be reborn physically if the host is related by blood with him. Jason is also very stealthy almost always avoiding detection.

    Notable Feats of Strength

    Crushed a mans skull with his bare hands in both Friday the 13th part 3, and Friday the 13th: the Final Chapter, barged through a reinforced wooden door in one turn turning the door into flying wooden shards, threw a 6 ft 4. man 12 ft. away in Jason takes Manhattan, he survives a barrage of punches from a boxing elite teenager then punches his head clean off his body with one hit. in Freddy vs Jason he stabs a boy who's lying on his bed till he dies then folds the bed in half, snapping the teen's spine backwards. Jason also threw Freddy at least 40 feet away from him with one arm. These are just some of the feats Jason has performed during his career as the dreadful Camp Crystal Lake killer.

    Furthermore, along with most other Slashers, Jason will vary up his kills, using anything that happens to be lying around. The only thing he doesn't use is guns, at least not firearms. In Friday the 13th Part 3, he does use a harpoon gun on one unfortunate victim.


    In Friday the 13th Part 2 Ginny puts on his mothers sweater and Jason was temporarily convinced it was her. He may have also been convinced due to her bearing a resemblance to Mrs Voorhees. However Jason realized she was not his mother when he spotted her head on the shrine he had built.

    In Freddy vs Jason, Freddy Krueger managed to wake Jason up by disguising himself as his mother and invading Jason's sub conscious. So at the very least Jason can be exploited when he is tricked into thinking his mother is around.

    In the 2009 remake he also kept a person alive due to them bearing a resemblance to his dead mother.

    Jason also has a fear of water as a child, which was shown in Freddy vs Jason when Jason battles Freddy in his dream. (the Fear of water only appeared in Freddy Vs Jason, and it only happened when Freddy exploited Jason's child self) In the rest of the series, Jason is plainly shown to have no fear of the water, willingly entering the lake to attack Victims. This can be seen most notably in Part 6 where he walks into the water to attack Tommy Jarvis, and in Part 8 where walks underwater from the cruise ship to Manhattan).

    Perhaps the most sure fire way of stopping Jason for good is shown in Part 6. Where Tommy Jarvis manages to trap Jason underwater by attaching a chain weighed down by a rock to his neck. This left him immobilized until he was freed with outside help.

    List of Movies

    • Friday the 13th (1980)
    • Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)
    • Friday the 13th Part III (1982)
    • Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter (1984)
    • Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985)
    • Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)
    • Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)
    • Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)
    • Jason goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)
    • Jason X (2002)
    • Freddy vs. Jason (2003)
    • Friday the 13th (2009)

    Men Behind the Monster

    Since Jason was a silent and imposing killer he was usually portrayed by professional stunt men as opposed to actors.

    In the original film as Jason only appeared as a child he was played by Ari Lehman. In part two Steve Daskewisz played a fully grown Jason. Warrington Gillette briefly played the killer when he broke through the window unmasked in the end of the film. But despite the fact that Steve had played the character for the majority of the film he was not credited but Gillette was instead. To make up for this Steve was credited in part three. Jason in part three was played by Richard Brooker, and in part four Ted White. In part five Jason appeared only in flashbacks and hallucinations and was played by Tom Morga who also acted as a stunt double for Roy Burns (the films actual killer) who was played by Dick Wieand.

    C.J. Graham was brought into to play Jason in part six. In part seven, Kane Hodder played the character and is so far the only actor to have played the killer more than once in the original films. He went on to play the character in part eight Jason Takes Manhattan. Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday and Jason X. Due to him playing the character multiple times he is the best known person to have played him.

    Hodder was originally going to be cast as Jason again in Freddy vs Jason, but after a fair bit of debate between companies and directors Jason was re cast. And Ken Krizinger was given the role.

    In the 2009 remake Jason was played by Derek Mears.


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