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Hi all,

Been a long-time off-and-on follower of Tim Drake and now I've really started to get in to Jason Todd via the RHATO book. I just finished the latest issue and I have 2 possibly simple, perhaps n00bish questions ...

1. I just assumed Jason custom built his armored under-suit. The one with the red bat logo on it. But it appears in issue #6 that Kori gives him the suit having belonged to someone else (Dick?) previously? Has that suit actually been worn by someone before? If so, who? If not, where did it come from?

2a. I was thinking of going back and reading some of the older Jason stories. Do we know which ones have been confirmed as canon in the new continuity?

2b. I know Arsenal used to be Speedy and was in the Teen Titans with Dick, but where does he know Jason from? It seems like they are already long-time friends by the time Jason breaks Roy out of that prison camp.

Thanks in advance for any helpful information!!

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1. Not that I know of. I always thought the new armor was like a prototypish design for the Batman Beyond suit. I think it is new to the 52.

2. All of Jason's stories are supposed to be canon as are most of all the Batman ones. Everything was jus condensed.

3. I took it as word of mouth then they caught up. The relaunch allowed for plenty of new things.

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So who do we think built that new armor if no one wore it previously?

And Jason and Roy's first meeting really is at that prison camp? Why would he even go there to save him if they'd never met before??

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I haven't read the issue in a while, but I think the reasoning for saving him was because he knew of him and his exploits. As such he figured that he was a person that a. Wouldn't really clash with his methods. b. Had little tethering him to the rest of the world, so he was free to travel with Todd. c. He had quite a skill set that Todd figured would come in handy.

However, I wouldn't rule out that they had actually met some time in the past. After all, Harper was a sidekick, and Todd was Robin for a while. It's perfectly reasonable they crossed paths on a few occasions.

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OK, so, I just devoured a bunch of old Jason Todd stories.

It seems like the last JT sighting before RHATO was at the end of Battle for the Cowl, no?

At the conclusion of that arc, he is still a raving psychopath messing with (and in some cases trying to end) the lives of the bat family. So how does he go from that to the reasonably level-headed character in RHATO? Plus, in issue #8 he is like pals with Tim Drake. Where as their previous encounter (in Battle for the Cowl) was Jason stabbing Tim with a 'rang and leaving him for dead.

Can anyone shed some light on these apparently missing links?

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well some stories in the old continuity have been erased while basic origin stories and those of high signifiance may have stayed but it is still unclear. as for now battle for the cowl doesnt look like it happened. in some time frame the Under the Red Hood story may have taken place a year ago in New 52 time. Im just speculating. but there has been some rough patches with Jason and Tim, he has fought him. there has been some bad blood, but Jason is definitely not psychopathic anymore. and Tim sees the diffiiculty that Jason has gone through. They arent best pals, but better yet trying to understand one another. Jason still hates Bruce, but he isnt going to let it drive his existence. Officially we dont know what stories have sticked we can only speculate with what has been revealed and character interactions. hope this helps

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yea, that did help. thanks!

the more I dig in to this the more I realize that, like it or not, the New 52 or whatever it's called basically means all bets are off. in other words, the only things that definitely happened are what new issues says happened. I mean, if I'm not mistaken, Superboy and WonderGirl are like BRAND NEW characters in the New 52. So obviously that renders a LOT of backstory involving Time Drake non-canon. right?

I'm sure basic elements still exist (Jason was the 2nd Robin, Joker killed him, Talia found him and used the pit to revive him, he trained, he pissed off the Bat family for a bit, then came to his senses and here we are). But beyond that, it's all up to the new writers which is why things like the flashbacks in RHATO are so important.

I'll keep poking around and hopefully these questions don't get too annoying. but I think I am finally on the road to clarity!

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Personally, there are some issues that I like to pretend to have never existed.

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