Enemies with Benefits?

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Two enemies who are sexually involved with each other, but are not allowed to have feelings involved (In theory), as this makes the whole system crash.Enemies by day, sexual enemies by night. They are not allowed to tell anyone either, or go on dates. They do it all indoors and it has to be done by night or in a dark place where they won't be found.

I mean it makes sense for Jason, i dont see him having a girlfriend and a "normal" relationship.

So to this point i only could think of two girls.

Harley Quinn and Huntress.

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I really do not see either of these females working in a relationship with Jason. 
Harley is just too wrapped up in the Joker and when she is not wrapped up in him she has little to do with men at large. 
Huntress depends on the version that you mean.  I assume (forgive me) that you are referring to the one that exists now.  As she is so much like Bruce and Jason (Brooding, Dark and Violent) I do not see her going for Jason.  She sees in him what could happen to her if she did not follow the Bat and his way of life like a religion.  Every time Helena steps away from the Bat... she faulters. 
I could possibly see Poison Ivy.  I could really see it with Artemis (Amazon).  The reason I see either of these women is that they skirt the line between good and bad and live a violent yet passionate life.
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Strange you mention this because his teammate Roy Harper was mixed up with an enemy for a long time.  

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@crowncoke: Poison Ivy is to cliche at this point, i mean, she making out with another Robin.

The last time i remember she did that, The Governator was Mr. Frezze, also Ivy has being horribly overrated as femme fatal.

An that is one of the reason why she is so underrated as character, that an her freacking green skin and his freacking dumbass powers.

@RazzaTazz: It makes more sense, to be honest that a "pure" relationship, is hard to belive when you are using a suit and decide to be a vigilante that dont care about the law or dont care to be a criminal, you will have normal relationships.

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