Jason Stackhouse

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    Sookie's brother. Jason gets any girl that he wants. He used to play football in highschool. Jason jumps first and looks later. Jason later became a Bon Temp Police officer.

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    Before Season 1

    Jason was born to Mr. and Mrs. Stackhouse a few years earlier than his sister Sookie. When he was 11 years old both his parents died in a flash flood, causing him and his sister to have to move in with their grandmother Adele Stackhouse. When Jason was 18, he moved back into his child hood home, even though his gran wanted him to stay with her. Jason left high school and did not go to college as he failed to earn a scholarship from playing football, he got a job on the road crew where he is Supervisor and became friends with René Lenier, Hoyt Fortenberry and Lafayette Reynolds. Jason also began to date Dawn Green although he stopped calling her after he got

    Season 1

    While having sex with Maudette Pickens, Jason becomes rough and starts to choke her and she falls unconscious, Jason then runs out of her apartment leaving Maudette tied up, she was found dead later the next day. Believing he had killed her Jason spent the next day worried and wondering when the police would come for him.

    After the police found the sex tape of Jason and Maudette they questioned Jason and he admitted to killing her believing he had choked her to death, however at the end of the tape Maudette unties her self and laughs after Jason left her apartment, showing he didn't kill her. After spending the day believing he had killed someone and thrown his life away Jason sought comfort with Dawn Green, his former girlfriend.

    The two began to have sex again, After Jason discovered that Dawn had had sex with a vampire he was at first disgusted at Dawn but stopped criticizing her in order to have sex with her. The two began to have a relationship for around a week until one night when Jason was over he could no longer get an erection and Dawn threw him out of her apartment threatening him with a gun at the time. Jason went to Lafayette to buy viagra so he could maintain an erection however Lafayette said instead of Viagra he needed V because it would work better. The next day Dawn was found dead by Jason was the prime suspect in the Bon Temps murders as he had just had sex with both the victims before their deaths.  
    Jason was arrested and while in the cop car he realized he had V on his person which was illegal so he drank the whole vial, however more than one or two drops will cause adverse effects. While in the police station Jason developed an enhanced erection which would not go down, he began to panic as Andy demanded he came out of the bathroom Tara came to Jason's aid and demanded if Andy could not charge him with anything he had no choice but to let him go. Jason went to the hospital and was given the antidote to V overdose, blood drained out of his penis. The next big event for Jason was the death of his gran and his new found addiction to V.

    While looking for a new place to buy V Jason found himself in Fangtasia were he met Amy a young woman who was also a V addict, although like Jason did not think of herself as one. The two began a relationship and for several weeks were very happy, this is until they ran out of V and resorted to kidnapping Eddie Gauthier for his blood. Jason bonded with the vampire and they became friends, the vampire then manipulated Jason into letting him go, however Amy staked the vampire before he could kill Jason and Amy. Jason was very upset by this and told Amy that they were no longer going to do V, Amy agreed and they threw it all out, apart from enough for one more high. While they were high on V, Drew Marshall killed Amy because he thought she had sex with vampires for their blood.

    Jason thought he had killed her while on his V high and confessed to her murder along with Maudette and Dawn. Once it was revealed that Drew Marshall was the real killer, Jason was let go. He was still distraught and confused by the events which that had happened to him. He sought answers about his recent experiences from the Fellowship Of The Sun, a vampire-hating church.

    Season 2

    Jason joins the Fellowship of the Sun. Realizing his potential, the leaders of the Fellowship tell him about the Light of Day Institute, a "Leadership Summit" for the church's most reverent members. He also meets a man named Luke, and the two become friends. After Sookie gives him the inheritance from their Uncle Bartlett (which is more than enough for the L.O.D.I. summit) he joins the church and quickly becomes the best member, not only with his show stopping performance in a mock debate but also with his great accuracy with a paintball gun. During a meeting, he reveals his sister's relationship with a vampire and his friendship with Eddie, as well as the emotional stress caused by Drew "René" Marshall to his life. He leaves the meeting, but is followed by Sarah Newlin, the wife of the Church's leader Steve. She explains that she once thought vampires were good too, and she understands how he must feel.

    As Jason becomes better, Sarah Newlin becomes even more attracted to him, eventually allowing him to sleep in her house and giving him a hand job in the bath tub . Jason and his friend Luke, who is becoming jealous of him, are told to build a giant cross, which Luke says is for making a vampire "meet the sun". During this time, Sookie is captured and thrown in the dungeon, deeply upsetting Sarah. She confides in Jason, and the two have sex in the church . The next day, Sookie's real identity is revealed to Steve, and he takes Jason into the woods with the drill sergeant. He tells the sergeant, Gabe, to kill him, but Jason quickly overpowers and defeats the sergeant when he learns that his sister is being held captive. to reclaim his town the church. It is after nightfall when Sarah finds him, having been told of his supposed treachery by Steve. She shoots him with a paintball gun (which he first believes is real, then thinks that he has been brought back to life). She then shoots him in the groin, causing him to fall in pain. However, when she calls his sister a whore, he becomes enraged and knocks away Sarah, stealing her vehicle and returning to the L.O.D.I. with paintball gun in hand.

    At the L.O.D.I., Godric has been freed, but Eric offers himself in his place. Jason bluffs his way into the Church, saying he is a highly trained vampire killer called in for the toughest jobs. He knocks out the guards and continues into the main church, where Steve has a gun to Sookie. Jason shoots the gun out of Steve's hand with his paintball gun, and then shoots Steve in the head, causing him to fall over. The other Dallas vampires then appear and end the standoff.

    Later at the Dallas vampire nest, Jason receives recognition as a hero. He also apologizes to Bill and Sookie for joining the L.O.D.I.. While at the nest, he sees Luke walk inside and is immediately suspicious. However, Luke pushes him away and into the other room before detonating the bombs strapped to his chest. Jason is not harmed in the explosion, as he was in the kitchen. He is later in his hotel room and sees that Steve (on TV) still has a mark where Jason shot him in the head, and that his marriage isn't as strong as it once was. He also helps to comfort his sister.

    Sookie, Bill, and Jason return to Bon Temps to find the town in chaos. Hearing that San and Andy are in trouble, Jason goes to Merlotte's to help them, and tricks the townsfolk into thinking he is the god they worship. He pretends to smite Sam, who turns into a fly with his clothes on scaring the townsfolk along with Jason and Andy. After Sam's escape, Jason and Andy ignoring Sam’s advice that Maryann cannot be stopped with violence, they go to the police station to arm themselves. They advance on the crowd outside Sookie's house with an arsenal of weaponry, but become quickly entranced themselves.

    After Maryann's death, a distraught Eggs holds Andy Bellefleur at knife-point begging to be arrested. Andy tries to explain that all of his actions were not of his own free will, but Jason, seeing the hold-up from afar, does not realize what is happening and shoots Eggs. Jason is afraid after realizing he killed Eggs, but Andy takes his gun, wipes it off and tells Jason to leave and that "he was not here and he didn't see anything."  


    Season 3

    Andy sends Jason home while he talks to the Police and takes the blame for Eggs death, and later sneaks into Jason's house, and tells him that he must be the Jason everyone expects him to be, which means picking up chicks. Later that day, Jason does just that, bringing two girls back to his house. Every time he looks at them, he pictures them with bullet holes in their heads, which means he can't perform. The girls leave in a rush after Jason explains that "it's not you, it's just I keep picturing you both with big 'ol bullet holes in your foreheads".

    The next day Jason visit's his sister and they clean the kitchen Sookie tells Jason about the werewolves and the fact she feels helpless about Bill's disappearance. Jason tells her she doesn't have to worry that he thinks Andy might be able to help. Andy takes Jason to Merlotte's, and as they sit a glowing story about Andy comes on the TV. A drunken Jason stands up and toasts Andy. Jason seems upset that Andy is being treated like a hero for taking credit for his murder. Andy tells Jason he thinks he has potential. Jason tells Andy he is his best friend. Later that night Andy drives Jason home from the bar. He gets a call that a meth lab is being busted and takes Jason along. At the scene Jason spots a strange woman in the woods. He asks if she is okay and she disappears. Jason walks back to the car and ends up tackling one of the drug dealers. 

    In light of his performance at the meth bust, Jason decides he want to become a police officer. To pass the written test for the job, he has Hoyt quiz him, but the preparation isn`t going well. The next day, while "working"on the road crew, Jason falls asleep in his truck and has an anxious nightmare about taking his test. Even worse, he wakes up to Hoyt`s screams after his friend finds a headless body in the ditch they`re digging. After work, Jason heads over to Merlotte`s where he offers his support to Tara, wishing he could just come clean about his responsibility for Eggs`death. At Merlotte's, Jason learns about Kitch Maynard, the town's cocky high school quarterback who is poised to break all of Jason's records. During Bud's retirement party, he introduces Andy as the new acting chief of police. Jason and Kitch have a run-in where Jason warns the youngster that down the road he will be replaced by the next hotshot. Jason tells Andy he wants to be made a cop immediately, and threatens to tell what really happened to Eggs if Andy doesn't comply.  
    Andy gets Jason a job at the police department as a receptionist. Jason is completely bored by the job and proceeds to try and entertain himself while using office supplies. Andy tells him to go wash the cop cars. Jason sees the same woman from the meth bust driving a truck pass the police department. He jumps into a car and follows her and eventually pulls her over. He is only in his pants with a pair of sunglasses. He tries to convince her that he is a cop but she doesn't buy it. He tells her his name and asks for hers. She tells him her name is Crystal Norris. He tells her that he will be at Merlotte's that night but she tells him she can't go and drives away without a ticket.

    Jason goes to Merlotte's after work and waits there for her. Andy tells him that he can be a cop as soon as he takes the test. Jason is extremely reluctant to take the test because he's afraid he'll fail it. Andy tries to encourage him but Jason ends up walking out of Merlotte's. He sees Crystal and they sneak off to a secluded area next to a lake or pond. They make out and flirt but eventually Crystal says she can't do it and runs off. The next day, Jason finds out where she lives and brings her flowers. She pretends she doesn't know who he is and Jason finds out that she is engaged to a low-life. He leaves and goes to Merlotte's, where he is almost crashed into by Sam Merlotte. Jason then spots Kitch Maynard having sex with a girl in Kitch's car. Jason gets Kitch out of the car and threatens him yet again.

    Jason is very bummed out about Crystal being engaged and he speaks to Hoyt, his roommate, about it a day or so after he had found out. Hoyt told him to ask the meth dealer at the jail about Crystal. Jason likes this idea and he goes to the jail to talk to the drug dealer. Jason finds out that Crystal is the dealer's cousin but he gets nothing more out of the dealer. The dealer tells him that he can get all of the information if he gets some meth for the dealer. Jason goes to Lafayette to get some meth but Lafayette refuses. Their conversation is cut short when Tara calls Jason and tells him that Sookie is in the hospital. Jason and Lafayette leave for the hospital together.

    Tara tells them that Bill is the one who attacked Sookie and that Sookie doesn't have a blood-type, therefore her body won't accept any blood. While Jason is visiting, a woman tries to convince him to pull the plug. Jason says that he is not responsible, despite the fact that he is the next of kin. Lafayette chases her off though. Jason tells Tara and Lafayette that Sookie has never been to a hospital before, unlike himself. He admits that she wasn't even born in a hospital because his mother was a procrastinator. Jason and Tara plead to an unconscious Sookie, asking her to stay with them, and Lafayette prays over her.

    When night falls, Bill arrives and offers to help bring Sookie back. Tara and Lafayette don't want him there but Jason let's Bill give Sookie his blood. Tara objects to this but Jason tells her that it is his decision. They all fall asleep in the hospital room, including Alcide. Bill remains at Sookie's side and waits for her to wake up. When she does, she screams. Later on, Jason goes to the aide of Hot Shot. He knows Crystal is a werepanther now, and he knows the DEA is going to bust their makeshift town apart. He arrives at Hot Shot, but when the people don't leave, and Crystal has no choice to, Jason stays behind to help them alone.

    Notable Skills & Abilities

    While Jason did not inherit powers as his sister,he does carry the blood of his fae ancestor, which makes him more attractive to women and gay men. As a former football star, Jason is very athletic - he's tough and usually will win in a fight. He proves he is capable of shooting a paintball gun, pistol or rifle with great accuracy. He is also quite brave and outspoken.


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