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    A founding member of Gaijin Studios in , Jason Pearson began his comic career in 1991 with a back-up story in LEGION OF SUPERHEROES #22 with writer, Keith Giffen. In 1992, Gaijin Studios were slated to do an 11-issue anthology called GROUND ZERO with Image Comics, featuring the work of the Gaijin Studio artists. BODY BAGS was to be Pearson’s contribution to this publication, but Image ultimately passed on the series. Pearson continued developing his BODY BAGS storyline, which ultimately appeared as a 4-issue miniseries for the Blanc Noir line of titles produced by Dark Horse.

    Jason began work on a sequel to BODY BAGS in 1998. It was to be as a 6-issue miniseries. Unfortunately, he was struck with cancer and unable to work for several months. He recovered completely but when he got back to work, he found himself unhappy with the work he had already done and branched out to other projects for awhile. He did several short stories for Alan Moore’s ’s Best Comics line for Wildstorm. During this period, he also illustrated GLOBAL FREQUENCY #11.

    In 2005, the original BODY BAGS was reprinted through 12-Gauge Publishing in a collected edition. Later that year, 12-Gauge released BODY BAGS: 3 THE HARD WAY, the first new BODY BAGS material in years.


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