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    Cartoonist and teacher.

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    Jason Lutes is a comic book writer and artist known for his crisp, detailed and heavily researched artwork that accompanies his likewise heavily researched writing.  He is best known for his sequentialized graphic novel "Berlin", a heavily researched historical fiction epic depicting the city of Berlin in its floundering years after World War I during the Nazi party's rise to power.

    Lutes first came to the industry's attention with his highly acclaimed graphic novel "Jar of Fools".  Jar of Fools deals with a stage magician obsessed with Harry Houdini; a fixation that would later take Lutes into co-writing/illustrating a biopic semi-prose and semi-comic book on Houdini.

    Lutes is mainly a writer/artist but he has from time to time just contributed artwork, such as on "The Fall" with writer Ed Brubaker.


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