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    Character » Jason Blossom appears in 73 issues.

    Older twin brother of Cheryl Blossom.

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     Jason Blossom is Cheryl's twin brother. He was first mentioned in the Love Showdown collection as Cheryl's brother. He then went on to appear in the comic series Cheryl Blossom, and now occasionally appears in other Archie issues.


     Jason and Cheryl both attend Pembrooke High, an elite private school. Pembrooke is the rival of Riverdale High, and the two are often neck and neck at sporting events. Jason at his worst is spoiled, snobby, and mean. He hates "townies", which is his nickname for people not rich enough to afford entry to Pembrooke. He and his sidekick, a scrawny, curly-haired guy by the name of Cedric, often go around harassing Riverdale attendees for a hobby. However, Jason also has a kind, softer side. On rare occasions he has stuck up for his sister. In one issue, he was even the peacemaker when Pembrooke and Riverdale were at each other's throats. He suggested that they have a contest, which prevented a fight from breaking out. Jason likes cars. He got his first sports car at age 12. He has an impressive collection, and an expensive garage which Cheryl brought for him.


     Jason has ways of getting around his parents. Sometimes he also makes them use their influence to get what he wants, such as one time when he brought a whole video game machine just for himself. Jason and Cheryl are almost always swron enemies. This changed in one issue when it was revealed that Jason stayed with Cheryl one night when she was sick. They fought the whole time, but as their dad put it, "the thought was there". However, despite whatever hidden feelings of kindness, the twins are always trying to outdo each other. One example of this was when Jason got his video game machine, Cheryl got a whole arcade. Jason also once put up a billboard that included an embarassing picture of Cheryl when she was eight. This was revenge for Cheryl sending out a photo of him with the mumps to everyone.

     Despite hating "townies", Jason has a big crush on Riverdale High's Betty Cooper. Betty's kind and sweet, almost Jason's opposite. She has mixed feelings for him. In some issues, he's her date for a school dance, and in others, she deliberately avoids him because she thinks he's a bully. In one Betty comic, she dates Jason to try and get her crush Archie Andrews to notice her.

     One girl that does notice Jason, is Veronica Lodge, Betty's best friend. Even though she's rich, and lives in a mansion, she attends Riverdale High. Therefore Jason considers her a townie like everyone else. This makes Veronica angry. In one issue, she has a thought bubble which reveals that she might have a small crush on Jason. This is stamped out when Jason lets her fall, but helps Betty up. Veronica now hates Jason, and encourages Archie to do something to get back at him.

     Jason's nemesis is probably Archie Andrews himself. Jason is jealous that Betty is in love with Archie. In co-school events, like picnics, Jason always tries to trip Archie up and make him look like an idiot. However, this doesn't always work. It makes Jason hate Archie even more.


    Hair: Dark red
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: around 5'8
    Weight: around 150 pounds


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