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    One of the most powerful beings to ever appear in the angel universe. She was a member of the Powers that Be. However, she sought to be worshipped as a God. After practicing domination on a demon world, she attempted to takeover Buffyverse Earth.

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    Jasmine was/is the only known rogue member of the powers that be. She and some of her followers watched events on Earth from an alternative dimension. Sick with all the pain on Earth she decided to go to Earth and "force" peace. Before going to Earth she took control over an entire spices as practice for Earth. She left and over the centuries they lost faith or forgot about her altogether but some kept waiting.


     After Cordelia returned from a higher plane with no memory of who she was or her team. She found confront in Connor she hid with him as she tried to remember her life. After Connor told her she could trusts Angel and his team they did a spell to restore her memory. But unknown to the team it was not Cordelia's mind but Jasmine's mind that came to surface. Jasmine continued to manipulate her friends and Connor. She secretly works to throw off the team so that they do not notice that Cordelia is "pregnant" with her. She summons one of her most powerful followers: The Beast. He causes fire rain and the very sun to blot out (in addition to murdering hundreds of people and the mythical sun group known as the Ra Tet).  
    Jasmine uses her trust with the team to push them to release the dark side of Angel's personality Angelus as he is the only one who has any memories of The Beast. After they release the soul of Angel and place it in a magical and powerful jar. It is stolen by Cordelia. With the group in trouble none of them can solve they call their friend and powerful witch Willow while she and the team work to find and free Angel's soul Cordelia almost kills Willow by throwing a knife at her but misses. While Willow is preparing a locator spell (Cordelia)Jasmine attacks her magically. Willow and Jasmine battle it out but Willow wins because (Cordelia)Jasmine is distracted when Connor scares her. At the end Cordelia reveled her pregnancy and the team is shocked. (Cordelia)Jasmine is finally revealed when she is expected to meet Lorne for a ritual and tries to kill him.

    Jasmine is born

     Jasmine in her true form
     Jasmine in her true form
    After a virgin is sacrificed and her blood is put on Cordelia's stomach Jasmine is born. During this Cordelia is under so much trauma that she falls into a coma. After a bright glow she is revealed. Angel and Connor bow down to her now completely under her spell. After she is brought to Angel Investigation the rest of the team soon follows and fall under her spell. She says that she is here to bring peace and love to the world. The problem that is soon revealed that once a person sees her for the first time their free-will is completely taken away (It goes to such a length that they will die for her. A man set his store on fire and stayed in because Jasmine didn't tell him to leave.) The only thing they can do it serve her. Unless directed otherwise by Jasmine. 

    Game Over

     Angel and the rest of the team break her control over them thanks to Fred as it is revealed that Jasmine's blood will break any control she has over an individual. While Fred, Gunn, and Wesley fight off Jasmine's forces Angel is sent to the world that she left behind. After killing Jasmine's "priest" Angel cuts his mouth open and Jasmine's true name is revealed(which is never actually heard). With her power now gone Los Angeles(and presumably the world) has spun into chaos.
     Jasmine after her allusion is broken
     Jasmine after her allusion is broken
    Now after having "her" hold broken she looses her purpose and looks around at all the chaos and insanity that she once stopped. After she confronts Angel she tells him that this world will drown in its blood. After a battle rages between them (Jasmine winning) her father kills her by punching her head in front back.


    -Healing Factor (this depends on how much she has fed and how many she controls).  Prior to being revealed she was easily capable of withstanding multiple gunshot and stab wounds.  Once she was revealed and her control broken, she was killed when Connor impaled her from the back of the head.   
    -Decaying Touch
    -Degree of Invulnerability (able to be electrocuted unharmed and battle a vampire)
    -Immortal (unless killed by someone of her blood or power-level)
    -Super Strength
    -Super Stamina
    -Super Agility
    -Telepathic link with all her followers and Connor (allowing her to track them, perceive through their senses, and control them)
    -Easily capable of enslaving anyone by looking at them.

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