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When a fiery explosion erupts in the ancient city of Petra, Jasmine races against the terrorist group The Forty Thieves to prevent the shattered pieces of the Crown of Kings, an object that haunts her past, from being reunited and unleashing an unearthly power on the world and all that she holds dear.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
ACover AIgor Vitorino & Adriano Augusto1
BCover BRiveiro2
CCover CKevin McCoy & Sanju Nivangune3
DCover DIan Richardson & Hedwin Zaldivar4
ECover ELeonardo Colapietro5
FZenescope Exclusive Variant Cover, Liimited to 250Elias ChatzoudisMissing
GWizard World Philly Exclusive Variant Cover, Limited to 250Elias ChatzoudisMissing
HVIP Exclusive Variant Cover, Limited to 100Keith GarveyMissing
IPhoenix Comicon Exclusive Variant Cover, Limited to 250Mike DeBalfo (a) & Ula Mos (c)Missing
JPhoenix Comicon Exclusive Variant Cover, Limited to 100Mike DeBalfo (a) & Ula Mos (c)Missing
KMotor City Comic Con Exclusive Cover, Limited to 350David NakayamaMissing

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