Jarvis Pennyworth

    Character » Jarvis Pennyworth appears in 26 issues.

    Alfred Pennyworth's father, and former butler to the Wayne family.

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    Major Story Arcs

    The Fall of the House of Wayne

    Years prior to the actual Night of the Owls, Alfred Pennyworth's father Jarvis Pennyworth writes a letter to his son, in a panic as he attempts to leave Wayne Manor, while unbeknownst to him, a figure stalks him as he leaves. In his letter to his son, Jarvis describes the manor as a cursed place, and despite his initial wishes, he wants nothing more for Alfred than to not begin his service under the Wayne family. He flashes back to a memory of Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne talking, as Martha was none too pleased with a corrupt Mayor, saying something really needed to be done. As he nears the exit of the Manor, Jarvis' letter reads that he's hesitant to blame everything that is about to happen on Martha, as he knows in his heart that he is the one who has doomed them all. The gate to exit the manor is locked, as Jarvis' car crashes into it. He looks above to find a Talon, waiting for him.


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