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    Character » Jariah Syn appears in 48 issues.

    Jariah Syn is the co-pilot of the spaceship 'Mynock' and was a bounty hunter along with his two friends Cade Skywalker and Deliah Blue.

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    When Jariah was just a child his father was slain by a jedi, because of this he always held a hatred towards the jedi. He was left as an orphan and in honor of his father Rav the pirat allowed him to stay with him and learn the life of a pirat. It was as a young boy that he first met Cade Skywalker when he was hauled aboard in an escape pod by the pirates. The pirates meant to kill him but Jariah spoke out against Rav and manage to save him so a new friendship was born. They went on together with Deliah Blue to get their own ship and become bounty hunters.


    Jariah Syn's first appearance was in the second issue of Star Wars Legacy in juli 2006. He was created by the writers John Ostrander and Jan Duursema who was also the artist. 

    Character Evolution

    Jariah has always kept the same personality throughout the comic book but his views on certain matters has changed. He continues to be loyal to his friends but his hatred for the jedi had passed since he met the jedi who killed his father. It was explained to him what kind of man his father was and that he tried to save Jariah. At first it was difficult for Jariah to accept but over time he managed to do so. He began seeing the bigger problems in the universe instead of just getting by every day. 

    Major Story Arcs

     The three comrades
     The three comrades
    When the three comrades transported passengers he found out that the passengers weren't just passengers, one of them was actually a princess. Daughter of Roan Fel. After a series of events that lead them in a fight between Jedi and Sith, Syn found out that Cade was actually a Jedi. This of course sparked some anger with Jariah threatening to shoot his friends for keeping this all from them even though Jariah had his suspicions. 
    From there on the kept getting caught in the Sith and jedi's affairs and Cade got in deeper and deeper. Jariah wanted no part in this but stuck with Cade nonetheless.  When the Sith found out about Cade's healing abilities to wanted to see this in action for themselves so they put Vong spores, the same that infected the Sith lord Darth Krayt, in Blue and Jariah. Cade managed to heal them and let them escape. He would join them later during a rescue attempt by Syn and companions. Later he encountered the Jedi that had killed his father, Jariah meant to kill him but after a short skirmish was overpowered by the jedi. 
    He was told that his father wasn't the man that Jariah thought he was and that the jedi merely meant to rescue the people his father was robbing. He also remembers Jariah as a boy, and how he failed to rescue him. Jariah realized that his father was indeed a bad man and his actions were his own. After a series of events that get them deeper in the galactic war Jariah sees the importance of it all and realize they'll never be left alone until the Sith lord is killed. 


    Jariah is one of the few people who knows how to handle Vong Weaponry and is extremely capable with a blaster. He's also a skilled pilot and a true charmer.

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