Character » Jarella appears in 105 issues.

    Princess of K'ai and lover of Bruce Banner and the Hulk.

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    A creature called Psyklop subjected the Hulk to a ray that caused him to shrink, until he was shunted into a alternate dimension called the Microverse. The Hulk found himself outside the city K'ai on an unnamed sentient planet, whose humanoid inhabitants had green skin like his own. After defeating huge beasts called Warthos, the Hulk was hailed as a hero by the people of K'ai. Its warrior queen, Jarella choose the Hulk to become her husband and king of the city. K'ai's Pantheon of sorcerers cast a spell that enabled the personality and intellect of Dr. Bruce Banner to Dominate the superhuman form of his alter ego, the Hulk. Believing he would never return to earth, Banner fell in love with with Jarella. However the day before the wedding, Psyklop returned the Hulk to Earth, where the spell no longer had effect.

    Jarella visited Bruce Banner on Earth, and the Hulk twice returned to K'ai, before returning to Earth with Jarella. The Hulk later battled a robot called the Crypto-Man, causing a wall to collapse. Saving a child from the falling wall Jarella was crushed.

    Chaos War

    Back From The Dead
    Back From The Dead

    During the events of the Chaos War, Rick Jones' wife Marlo was being sought out by a resurrected Abomination and the demon ZOM because of her one-time connection to the entity Death. Death had left a trace of herself in Marlo and the Abomination and ZOM were sent to collect her and use her power to claim the lives of all those who were asleep and/or dead. The Hulk family hurried her away and attempted to shelter her in a bunker powered by Skaar's Old Power. Before Marlo would enter the bunker, she tapped into the remnants of Death within her and resurrected Hiroim the Oldstrong, Glenn Talbot, Hulk's late wife, Jarella, and Doc Samson to help them with the upcoming battle. Jarella was integral in defeating the resurrected demon form of Bruce Banner's father, Brian Banner. As Hercules eventually sacrificed his All-Father powers to heal the universe, some once-dead heroes remained alive, including members of Alpha Flight and some Avengers. The fate of Jarella is unknown.


    height- 5'6"

    Weight- 126 lbs

    Eyes- Green

    Hair- Blonde

    Occupation: Empress of K'ai

    Base: The City-state of K'ai

    Powers and Abilities

    Jarella had no superhuman powers, but was a skilled military strategist. She had moderate knowledge in hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship; a brilliant military leader and a wise and compassionate ruler of her people.

    Popular Recognition

    Jarella was ranked 68th in Comic Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.


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