Character » Japandroid appears in 26 issues.

    A young hero from Japan who joins the Guardians of the Globe

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    Guarding the Globe

    A loli robot who is a member of the Guardians of the Globe, she devised a means of defeating the Magmanites by rapidly cooling them with water and solidifying them so that they couldn't move. Accompanied by Knockout and Kid Thor, she followed the fleeing Magmanites and discovered that they had their own unique language and culture and managed to strike up a detente with them.

    In the battle against the Maulers, she sat on the sidelines before heading into his base and discovering that he had devised a gene bomb to make all those infected by it give birth to children genetically identical to him. She had Ms. Popper check the potential locations before she discovered that he had already set off the bomb. She failed to stop his escape and after the team managed to defeat the Maulers, and was organizing an effort to deal with the infection afterwards.

    Alongside Monstergirl and Outrun, Japandroid went to Mexico to assist El Chupacabra, but the parasitic space-bug managed to use her as a host.


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