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    Son of Dracula and Domini.

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    Baby Janus
    Baby Janus

    Born of magical conception to the human Domini and Dracula Janus was set to be the heir to Dracula's throne and bring his satanic cults to his favor in order to rule the world. The young baby was turned into a vampire but unfortunately he was killed by one of Dracula's own followers turned traitor. The traitor had set his eyes on Dracula and fired a weapon on him. Dracula however became intangible so the weapon fired through him. He had however not realised that his wife and child where nearby, and so Janus was struck dead by the weapon that was meant for him.


    Character Creation

    Janus was created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan and first appeared as an adult god-like being in Tomb of Dracula #51 (1977). He first appeared as a baby in Tomb of Dracula Issue #54 (1977).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Janus the Angel

     Janus and his Father
     Janus and his Father

    Filled with grief over Janus' death, Dracula murdered the traitor and then left. Janus' mother Domini was also stricken with grief. However, not long after his death, Janus was resurrected by his mother via a fusion with a "golden angel". As a side effect he was grown to adulthood. Newly reborn he opposed his fathers schemes and tried to put an end to his reign. He would later side with his father to battle Satan. When Dracula was temporarily destroyed the "angel" left his body retuning him to life as an infant. He would later be captured by Varnae's vampires and turned into a vampire again.

    Death of Dracula

    Janus, Son of Dracula
    Janus, Son of Dracula

    Janus, again full grown, was present at the gathering of vampires that takes place once a century. It was his first gathering. During the elders' meeting, his brother Xarus attacked their father. Backed with the support of the Atlantean, Charniputra, and Nosferatu Sects, Janus and the other sects were given the option to join Xarus. The only sects left were the Anchorite, Claw, Mystikos, and Warriors of the Krieg. The Warriors of the Krieg left the gathering and returned to their mountain fortress, where they were massacred by the Charniputra and Nosferatu Sects. Along with Stephen, the leader of the Mystikos Sect and the help of the Anchorite Sect, Janus hoped to secure the support of the Claw Sect, with whom he had previously trained in Turkey. He returned to oppose Xarus and his traitors but the Claw Sect turned on them along with Brad, Stephen's right hand man. With the help of Alyssa, Xarus' girlfriend and leader of the Siren Sect, Janus managed to escape.


    • Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
    • Weight: 150 lbs. 
    • Eyes: Black (glow when using powers or angry)
    • Hair: Black
    • Citizenship: United states
    • Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts
    • Marital Status: Single


    Known Relatives

    Domini (Mother, deceased), Dracula (Father), Lilith (1/2 sister), Xarus (Brother), Vlad Tepulus (1/2 brother, deceased)


    Powers & Abilities 

    As an Angel- Janus has a multitude of powers. He was also immune to several of Dracula's powers; such as his mind control and conversion via a bite, he could also break the thrall his father had on his victims. He could hurl concussive force from both hands and eyes and could also change into a golden bird. He could also fly and had minor control over the weather.


    As a Vampire- All the conventional abilities of a vampire.


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