Janice Hollenbeck

    Character » Janice Hollenbeck appears in 38 issues.

    A Double-Agent during the Cold-War, she was killed by Sabretooth. Wolverine buried the Carbonadium-Synthesizer along with her in her casket.

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    Brief History

    Janice was a double-agent in the Cold War. She worked for the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. selling secrets to both for a price. Team X was sent on a mission to East Berlin to extract her from behind "enemy," lines. They battled Omega Red to get to her, and soon he was put on ice. As they were escaping, Sabretooth discovered her roots in both countries and murdered her, stealing the Carbonadium Synthesizer from her. Wolverine lashed out at Sabretooth, stealing back the Carbonadium Synthesizer, and burying it along with Janice's corpse.

    Decades later, Omega Red was released from the cryogenic storing unit by The Hand, namely Andrea & Andreas Von Strucker, and Matsuo Tsurayaba. He was weakened by the cryogenic freezing process and needed the Carbonadium Synthesizer in order to be restored to his former glory. They would have to capture the X-Men and force Wolverine to confess where he'd placed the C-Synth all those years ago. Wolverine genuinely could not remember where it was, because of the brainwashing that Weapon X had put him through.

    Unbeknownst to Wolverine, the Hand had hired Sabretooth to aid them in their endeavor. He was guarding the other X-Men when they ambushed him, knocking him out cold and rushing to save Wolverine. They easily dispatched with Fenris and Matsuo, Psylocke taking particular pleasure in taking out the latter. Wolverine was released just in time to tangle with Sabretooth and Omega Red. Conveniently he remembered where he'd buried the C-Synth while they headed back to East Berlin, so that Wolvie could dig up the C-Synth (protecting it from the wrong hands) and say his final peace to Janice.


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