Janey Belle

    Character » Janey Belle appears in 137 issues.

    Once the most expensive call girls in Hollywood, she became a zombie who had her soul intact.

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    Janey Belle as a call girl
    Janey Belle as a call girl

    In high school, Janey Belle and her friend Trish were trying to fit in. While they were chatting with jocks Chuck Busey and Ted Chance, Jr., a shy boy named Jared Lynn approached Janey, finally having the courage to ask her out. Janey wanted to say 'yes', but Trish reminded her of the party and their chance to get in. So she rejected Jared's offer, shaming him further. Going to the party with Chuck and Ted, Janey and Trish were drugged and raped by them.

    The taunting of Janey and Trish went on at school. It got so far that Trish hanged herself. Taking revenge, Janey cut the brakes of Ted's car. He crashed it down a mountain. When the police came, Janey's father Herald took the blame.

    With her father imprisoned, Janey ended up on the street. There, she met Tyrone Fisk, who became her loverboy. Forced into prostitution by him, she managed to get away from him after a year. Janey was bought from Tyrone by the drag queen George Sumero. He made her into the most expensive call girl in Hollywood. She slept with most actors in Hollywood. When George Sumero got arrested, the cop named Mr. Rudolf offered George to let all the evidence disappear if only he had a night with Janey Belle. Janey reluctantly agreed and showed up later at Rudolf's door. He took her into his basement, where his son Jason was chained up, because he was a zombie. Jason's hunger was so great that he broke free from his chains and bit Janey. In the ensuing chaos, Janey got out of the house and into her car. Getting dizzy, she crashed her car and woke up as a zombie.

    Meeting the zombie priestess Xula, they discovered they had the same goal: kill Mr. Rudolf. Armed with a zombie army, they attacked Rudolf, who had gathered several cops and inmates around him. In the battle, Xula was killed. Janey bit into Xula to absorb her energy into herself. With both their powers, Janey killed Mr. Rudolf.

    Powers & Abilities

    Janey Belle has the ability to transform her zombie image into her former beauty by invoking a spell from the Necronomicon. Another spell, together with a jolt from her body, allows her to transform the dead into her personal zombie army. She sometimes uses a spell with which she can influence living people to do her bidding for a short time.

    She can also move her spirit into another body. She pushes the spirit of the other body out of it and inhabits the new body. She can transform that new body into her own body. She can fuse other body parts to her own body, such as new arms when her own were ripped off.

    Janey needs to eat flesh to survive. Eating brains is more nourishing for her, but she also receives their memories and knowledge.


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