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    Janelle is a member of the new Gen 13. She has enhanced strength, telepathy, and can see things as they really are.

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    With a mother who works in the White House and a father who is a professor of law, Ja'nelle was considered a disappointment by the latter and was a short, plump girl. After she was given powers by Herod, she changed into an abnormally tall and lean girl and gained several powers. She has been living with her paternal grandmother since her change and has moved to the public school that the other 'genies' attend. While she often bickers with Gwendolyne Matsura, who she nicknamed Lil Diva, she becomes close friends with Ethan York and the two are the most prominent planners and thinkers of the team.

    Powers and Abilities

    Aside from physiological changes which included increased toughness, dexterity, and strength, Ja'nelle gained the power to read minds and could astral-project herself. She demonstrated the ability to make contact with spirits though the ability was never explored beyond several isolated incidents. The other 'genies' are immune to her telepathy, which she finds to be a relief. She ended up absorbing Gwen's tattoo, Sweetie, and gained the power to manifest the tattoo as Gwen could. Although she intended to return the tattoo, she never received the chance to do so.


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