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There have been 3 characters named Nemesis with the same outfit and powers. For the first Nemesis, go to Isabel St. Ives. For the third Nemesis, go to Nemesis.


Jane Thorne was a young woman whom once led a cult called The Children of the Night. She later became the second Nemesis, and became the leader of the team known as Gamma Flight, the team was created to replace Alpha Flight.


Jane thorne was created by James D. Hudnall and first appeared in Alpha Flight Vol.1 issue 76 (1989). She was the second person to wear the Nemesis costume, as well as the person whom wore it the longest.

Major Story Arcs

Gamma Flight

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She led Gamma Flight and was tasked to replace Alpha Flight. She was a member of the group until it was disbanded. She later became a member of Alpha Flight herself when that team was reinstated. When Carcass got loose, Shaman summoned heroes to kill him; Nemesis was one of those he summoned. She joined the team on a number of missions until Alpha Flight disbanded once more. Her whereabouts at this moment are unknown. A third person has since taken up the mantle of Nemesis.

Powers and Abilities

Nemesis is an unpowered humans whose abilities were granted by the magic sword.

Equipment and Weapons

Nemesis carries The Onyx Sword. The blade is less than an atom thick in width and is capable of cutting between molecules. The Onyx Sword can cut through almost anything and is indestructible. It also grants the wielder certain powers such as the ability to fly, teleport and absorb life force through the blade.


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