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    Jan Ors is a Rebel Agent - and later New Republic agent - who turned Kyle Katarn away from the Empire, and the two have been in a relationship for many years.

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    Rebel and New Republic Agent

    Jan Ors worked for the Rebel Alliance in the days before the Battle of Yavin. At one point, she worked in a Rebel base on an asteroid belt, where she first met Kyle Katarn while he was a soldier for the Empire. For reasons he didn't understand, he let Jan and some of her people go. Kyle's father was later killed by what he believed to be Rebel forces (Much later it is discovered Jerec and his Seven Dark Jedi were to blame). While on leave, he ran into Jan once more, pursuing her and her people. Jan showed Kyle footage of the assault and was able to convince him that it was not Rebel forces that were responsible, but Imperial soldiers trying to lay the blame on the Rebellion. Kyle abandoned the Empire, instead joining with Jan and acting as an operative alongside her. He would later play a major part in acquiring a part of the plans to the first Death Star and sending them to Leia Organa aboard Tantive IV.

    Kyle's choice
    Kyle's choice

    A year after the destruction of the second Death Star and the fall of the Empire, Jan and Kyle worked with the New Republic. Kyle decided to pursue his father's killer, uncovering a plot to locate something known as the Valley of the Jedi, which was being hunted by the Dark Jedi Inquisitor known as Jerec. Kyle discovered his own ability to use the Force, finding his father's friend's lightsaber and pursuing Jerec. When he finally caught up with him on the planet Ruusan, he was horrified to find a captured Jan Ors, who was being used as bait for Kyle. Jerec tried to turn Kyle to his side, which he refused. Jerec was enraged, bringing the building down. Jan survived, and was later rescued by Kyle. Kyle defeated Jerec at the heart of the Valley, fulfilling prophecy by releasing the captive spirits.


    Kyle and Jan worked side by side as freelance mercenaries for 7 years after the incident in the Valley of the Jedi, eventually developing a romantic relationship. Mon Mothma contacted the duo in order to carry out a mission for the New Republic that she believed involved a plot to involving the Valley of the Jedi, because Kyle and Jan were the only living people who knew the Valley's location and therefore a good choice for the mission.

    They attacked a small Imperial Remnant outpost on the planet Kejim, uncovering a research facility that experimented on crystals capable of containing the Force. They discovered a mining facility on Artus Prime that was mining the crystals for the Empire. Kyle and Jan heavily damaged the facility and released the slaved miners. However, during the mission they were attacked by two Dark Jedi - Desann and his apprentice, Tavion, holding Jan captive. Kyle tried to fight Desann, but it had been a long time since Kyle used the Force, and he was quickly overwhelmed by Desann. Desann ordered that Tavion kill Jan, and Kyle could do nothing but hear her scream from inside the shuttle. Desann tossed Kyle aside and flew away, leaving Kyle in his rage.

    In an act of brash anger, Kyle immediately went to the Valley of the Jedi, where he was visited by his father, who tried to stop Kyle from drawing on the Valley's power. But it was in vain; while the spirits of the Valley were free, there remained a powerful nexus of Force energy, which Kyle drew on in order to quickly restore his power. Unbeknownst to him, however, Desann planned all of this. Hew knew Kyle would go to the Valley, and followed him there. Desann would use the Valley's residual Force Nexus to empower his men with the Force, turning them into his Reborn.

    Kyle Katarn later confronted Tavion, Desann's apprentice, and the one who personally struck Jan Ors down. He fought and defeated her, his rage consuming him as he threatened to kill Tavion while using Force choke. Because of her fear, she revealed to Kyle that Jan was indeed alive, and that Desann only wanted to fool Kyle so they could follow him to the Valley. She also told Kyle that Jan was aboard the Doombringer, a ship belonging to Galak Fyyar - lead scientist on Desann's Reborn project. Kyle tossed her aside, controlling his anger and telling her to leave.

    Kyle took Tavion's ship to the Cairn Installation within an Asteroid belt. He discovered that the Doombringer was en-route to Yavin IV for an all out assault on the Jedi Academy. They called in Rogue Squadron to attack the Doombringer when it emerged from Hyperspace. However, they found that the shields were too strong. The Doombringer rained down transport pods onto the surface of Yavin IV. Rogue Squadron attempted to destroy as many pods as they could, but many slipped through.

    Kyle brought down the shields just as he was confronted by Galak Fyyar, who wore an experimental suit of armor with a shield. Kyle killed Fyyar as Rogue Squadron took their opportunity and attacked, taking down their artificial gravity systems in the process. Kyle found Jan and the two managed to get away in an escape pod, following Desann and his people. After crash landing, the two lovers embraced briefly before Kyle made his way through the swamps of Yavin IV to the Jedi Academy. He fought many Reborns and Remnant forces alongside his fellow Jedi and New Republic soldiers. He went down into the very catacombs and fought Desann. He tried to turn Desann back to the light, showing how much Kyle had truly changed during his mission. Desann refused, forcing Kyle to strike him down after a fight.

    Kyle, Jan, and Luke met in the Academy once the fight was over. Kyle decided to keep his lightsaber, staying a Jedi. He and Jan went on a brief vacation to the beaches of Spira.


    Angela Harry as Jan Ors in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
    Angela Harry as Jan Ors in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

    Jan Ors was voiced by actress Julie Eccles in the video game "Star Wars: Dark Forces".

    Model Angela Harry played Jan Ors in the video game "Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II".

    Vanessa Marshall did the voice of Jan in the video game "Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast."


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