Character » Jamm appears in 3 issues.

    Slacker skater-dude who gained mind-control powers after being fed off of by the alien parasite Angon.

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    Jamm was just an average slacker skater-dude until he ran into Angon, a shape-shifting alien parasite, and Timberwolf, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes who was currently stuck in the present.  
    Angon had been slaughtering people throughout San Francisco, and eventually came across Jamm and started feeding off of his spinal fluid. Timberwolf sought to help Jamm, but he was then teleported back to the 31st century by the Legion and accidentally ended up taking Jamm and Angon with him. The Legion attempted to fight off Angon to little avail, until Jamm regained consciousness and told Angon to go back where she came from. Surprisingly, Angon obeyed, and she stepped back into the teleporter and returned to the present. 
    Eventually coming to realize that people now did whatever he told them to do, Jamm decided to explore the future and brought Night Girl along as his guide. Jamm then toured the galaxy, going wherever he pleased, and ended up forcing several other members of the Legion to tag along with him, including Shadow Lass and Valor (as his body-guard). 
    After a while however, Jamm's recklessness caught up to him when he almost ended up piloting a spaceship into the sun of Daxam, requiring him to release his Legion "friends" from his control in order to save him. 
    The Legion then sent Jamm back to his own time, with Shadow Lass personally threatening Jamm to behave himself, lest she use her powers on him again.  

    Powers and Abilities

    After being bitten by Angon, Jamm gained the power to make people do whatever he told them to do, whether it be an order or sometimes even just a suggestion. This ability seems to be considerably powerful, as he was easily able to influence Angon, as well as several of members of the Legion of Super-Heroes at once.  
    This power has apparently no effect on androids or other such artificial beings.
    Overall, Jamm is very powerful, but quite irresponsible and short-sighted.

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