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    Jamie Delano is a British comic book writer. He is well-known for being hand-picked by writer Alan Moore to write Hellblazer, John Constatine's ongoing series for Vertigo, as well as for his work in Animal Man.

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    Best known as one of Alan Moore's torchbearers, once Moore was done with a series many time Jamie Delano would take over. Such series he followed in Moore's Foot-sets: Captain Britain, DR & Quinch and Swamp Thing. Handed picked by Moore to write Hellblazer, John Constantine's ongoing series.

    Jamie Delano would be part of the first wave of the Post-Moore British Invasion. Alongside Garth Ennis, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison and Peter Milligan those five men would go to establish many works in Vertigo still celebrated today.

    Semi-retired Jamie Delano has worked with Avatar Press and has seen most of his Vertigo work reprinted either at Vertigo or elsewhere. Being the primary writer for Hellblazer Delano has returned to the character "John Constantine" a few times, such the Bad Blood mini and the original Graphic Novel " Hellblazer: Pandemonium".


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