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    Jamie Braddock is the King of Avalon and the elder brother of Betsy and Brian Braddock. He perceives reality as an infinite web of strings that he can pull and manipulate. His powers have driven him insane.

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    Jamie Braddock is the older brother of Brain Braddock also known as Captain Britain and the Elizabeth Braddock also known as the X-Men's Psylocke. All three were children of Lady Elizabeth Braddock and Sir James Braddock, who had also been a Captain Britain and considered the greatest of his generation of Captain Britain Corpsman. Jamie was the eldest of the Braddock children and named after his father. There was a significant age gap between Jamie and his two siblings, one of ten years. That combined with the fact that Elizabeth and Brian were twins contributed to fact that Elizabeth and Brian were much closer to each other than to their older brother, something that would annoy Jamie time to time. Despite that emotional distance Jamie would often look after and care after them as an older brother would and would care deeply for his younger siblings.

    Jamie would eventually be sent to boarding school where he would associate and develop friendships with Amina Synge, Ned Horrocks and Godfrey Calthrop, the four students bonding together but also evolving an anti-authority attitude and streak, resulting in juvenile activities that would cause them to be expelled from several schools. The group would also develop a group nickname, as the "Foursaken" but it was a team they endeared themselves to. Jamie would go on to become a top Formula 1 racing driver even winning world championships. In his early thirties it would also seem by this stage that unlike his two young siblings Jamie would be the sole child of Sir James Braddock not to exhibit any super powers or abilities, his sister Psylocke a mutant and his brother Brian Captain Britain. Tragedy would strike the Braddock family when Jamie's parents were found dead. Although dismissed as a freak accident the reality of the situation was that James senior and Elizabeth senior were both murdered by a sentient computer Mastermind.

    Jamie would eventually be implicated with several illegal crimes that his brother would know until the arrival of the African lord, Doctor Crocodile with the help of the Witch-Woman. Tortured by Crocodile and Witch-Woman, Jamie's latent mutant ability to reshape reality around him manifested itself at the same moment that he lost grip on sanity. He was freed by Technet who were hired by Sat-Yr-9. He left with Sat-Yr-9. Now, he has become one of the most dangerous beings in the universe - capable of turning the world upside down and thoroughly out of his mind. Later he resurrected Psylocke after she was killed by Vargas, and at the same time improved her powers, making her immune to telepathy, reality warping and the eyes of entities. Jamie also became a member of the Foursaken; four people given power by the First Fallen, however Jamie already possessed powers and these were only augmented. When he saw that he could not sacrifice his own sister as a pawn he threw himself at the First Fallen, saving all creation. Also during this adventure Jamie relations were further explored and he was shown to have a girlfriend named Amina Synge who too had power given to her by the First Fallen.


    Jamie Braddock is a Marvel comics character, created by popular X-Scribe Chris Claremont, Herb Trimpe, and Fred Kida. Jamie Braddock first appears in Captain Britain #9 released in 1979. The character is not as popular or as well known as his two fictional siblings Captain Britain or Psylocke but never the less the character has his own distinct and original story. Jamie is primarily a Captain Britain and X-Men supporting character.

    Character Evolution

    Primarily a supporting character for both Captain Britain and the X-Men Jamie Braddock's character would often balance out as both antagonist and aid to the protagonists. His high functioning reality warping powers extremely dangerous often offset by the characters quirky mannerisms and off putting mental state.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Foursaken

    Eventually James past would return to him as the other members of the Foursaken, Amina Synge, Ned Horrocks and Godfrey Calthrop, prepared to call upon the First Fallen. Jamie would appeal to the mutant superhero team the X-Men by appearing at their mansion, however he would earn the attention of several government issued Sentinels stationed at X-Mansion. The Sentinels had been stationed there to protect mutants after M-Day however Jamie's extreme abilities were quick to neutralize the giant robots. The X-Men well aware of Jamie's antics engaged in a small scuffle with him failing to do much damage before he was whisked away by the First Fallen, his warning to the X-Men only partially executed.

    Jamie would find himself in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York's Central Park where his old high school friends were present, attempting to call upon the First Fallen in totality as he had only partially manifested. They would require Jamie's consent however, something they would attempt to force. The X-Men lead by Jamie's sister Psylocke would arrive despite how cryptic Jamie's warning would have been and the X-Men would interrupt the spell the First Foursaken were using, resulting in the First Fallen pulling the gathered heroes and villains into his dimension. Jamie and the X-Men would find themselves in a reality that almost seemed to good to be true, with hundreds of different races coexisting in peace and harmony in a beautiful city with beautiful architecture. This was the Singing City, home of the First Fallen a place where he would aid civilizations attain perfection.

    Jamie had had his suspicious however and he would soon have that doubt validated after Psylocke would discover that the First Fallen would only offer paradise to four of each species. Although the First Fallen was excessively powerful, Jamie Braddock's reality tampering of his sister Psylocke when he resurrected her allowed her to take the First Fallen by surprise with a sneak attack. Jamie uses his powers to teleport the X-Men and his sister back to Earth before trapping himself with the First Fallen.


    Recently Jamie Braddock returned in the pages of MI13 sporting a new look (now actually wearing clothing). His first action was to kill his brother, however this can be attributed to the fact that Captain Britain seem to be spellbound at that moment by Dr. Plokta who offered him a life with Meggan. It also possible that Jamie killed his brother only to bring him back to life and remove the influence Dr. Plokta was having on him, only time will tell.

    Becoming King

    After a confrontation with Black Widow which eventually led to his death, Jamie was resurrected by The Five. Upon his return, Apocalypse chose him for his plan to unite the Otherworld and Krakoa due to his connection to the Otherworld. Jamie's role in this was to become the King of Avalon. In this position, he served as the leader of a Kingdom. He imprisoned Morgan Le Fay and freed Brian from the brainwash he was under.

    He went on to mess with the Excalibur team and later attempted to form a plan to resurrect Betsy after her death.

    Powers and Abilities

    Quantum String Manipulation: Jamie Braddock is an Omega-level mutant with the ability to perceive and interact with reality on a quantum level. Jamie views the world as made up of invisible quantum string constructs, jumbled with differing degrees of tightness and looseness he can unravel, pull, tie, and otherwise play with to reshape reality.

    • Reality-Warping: Jamie can transform reality by pulling the cosmic filaments that make up the world. The degree of Jamie's power allows him to reshape objects including humans, with enough precision that he could morph people into others, increasing or decreasing the sizes of objects including people including himself. He can manipulate and control all manners of energy. Jamie can alter, tamper and manipulate memories with his reality-warping powers. Jamie possesses the ability to open visual portals that allows him to observe from great distances and even other realities. Jamie can teleport himself or large groups and/or objects vast distances, including across and through dimensions. Jamie possesses the ability to resurrect the dead. Jamie possesses the power to increase the resistance of a person's vulnerability to both reality-warping and psychic attack, to the point of essentially making them immune to such effects. Jamie was even able to create a working version of the Fury, the creation of another reality warper Mad Jim Jaspers. Jamie also possesses incredible durability and resilience, highly resistant to conventional forms of physical injury.

    One initial restriction that limited Jamie's powers were that he needed solid substances to manipulate and affect, with more immaterial objects possessing a resistance. However, this limit appears to have been reduced with the increase of his powers. Jamie's powers also seem linked to his levels of sanity with increases in power tied to his insanity.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 6' 11"
    • Weight: 151 lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Black

    Other Versions



    The Ultimate's version of Jamie Braddock is his realities Captain Britain and a member of Captain Britain Corps. Replacing his brother Brian who was the former Captain Britain after he fell to cancer. Jamie would end up playing a role in the conflict with the Children of Tomorrow as well as eventually join the premier superhero team the Ultimates. Jamie's powers differ in this reality also, and as an Excalibur-Class Super-Soldier, his powers are more like that of his mainstream reality brothers. In this reality Jamie Braddock possesses enhanced levels super strength, flight, super speed, enhanced durability and stamina. His first appearance is in Ultimate Comics Ultimates #1 released in 2011.


    Jamie Braddock appears in this reality where he ends up killing his brother Captain Britain.


    Jamie Braddock appears in this reality where he teams up with his brother Captain Britain


    Jamie Braddock appears in this reality, also more popular known as House of M.

    Other Media

    X2: X-Men United

    Jamie Braddock's name is listed in William Stryker's files on Lady Deathstrike's computer.


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