James Stillwell

    Character » James Stillwell appears in 52 issues.

    Has a high rank in Vought-American and is a background antagonist of the Boys.

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    The calm man who attended to the Seven's meetings and is described to be worse than them for his coldblooded plans to save Vought-American's image. Some of these plans were the G-teams massacre, Pre-wizz locked in a container and thrown in the ocean, telling Payback to attack the Boys and involving himself in the takeover of the White House. He became Mr.Edgar's (Vought's CEO) assistant at a young age, this helped his career. Has had many conflicts with Homelander, once the superhero sent him a whore to distract him while the Supes Awards was carried on during Herogasm. He is brilliant at planning and had met Nina in Russia to discuss the supes that had exploding heads. His only human moments are when he starts to relax around Jess Bradley and when he aided Frenchman.

    He's very cold during critical situations even when an insane Homelander expressed the wish to kill him and stated that Stillwell is a the real superhuman. James asked the madman to let him commit suicide and avoid all the carnage to come but Homelander told him to keep watching alive.


    James Stillwell is a Dynamite Entertainment comics character created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. Sitwell first appears in The Boys #4 released in 2006.

    Major Story Arcs

    Glorious Five Year Plan

    Stillwill heads to Russia to meet and reign in Russian Mafia boss Little Nina.

    Powers and Abilities

    James Stillwell possesses no superhuman abilities or powers yet his cold and calculating demeanor and personality cast him as being exceptionally fearless even in the presence of powered men and woman who can rip steel in half and throw cars like toys. As such he is also quiet capable of directing them around with confidence, aided of course by his position at Vought American.

    Other Media

    Amazon Series

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    This character was changed in the series. For example Stillwell in the show is a woman named Madelyn Stillwell. She is portrayed by Elisabeth Shue. In the show she is a schemer, has a baby son, and developed an oedipal relationship with Homelander, who kills her in the season 1 finale.


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