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    American artist noted for his realism.

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    James Sherman got into comics in 1975 after five years of attempting to break into the industry. His first work was with DC, on a revived Challengers of the Unknown title. He completed three issues, before being reassigned to work on Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes in March of 1977. He walked off the title midway through the Earthwar arc, due to his disagreement with the direction and planned ending of the arc. This marked the end of his regular involvement in comics, though he did occasionally do fill-ins for comic publishers, generally Marvel. He joined Upstart Studios in 1979, a collaboration of artists who worked together and who would do fill-ins for one another in order to keep various projects on time. The studio soon fell apart as members moved on to other work. In 1991 he did the art for Elaine Lee's The Transmutation of Ike Garuda. He currently works mostly in commercial art, designing advertisements and logos. He has also been involved in storyboards, art direction, production design, costume design and props for various movies, including the first Men In Black film and the Disney animated feature Hercules.  

    Personal Life

    James Sherman currently lives in New York City with his family. 

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