The James Robinson podcasts

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My God, there's only four of them and they are straight-up podcast gold. First of all, I love James Robinson's voice. Before I saw a photo, I pictured him as an Englishman with some living behind him, with a lived-in, jolly face. What a surprise to see a clean-cut, slender man. Second, I love James Robinson's knowledge and attitude. He's an encyclopedia, first of all, tossing out factoids to the extent that G-man can barely stay with him. As for his attitude, it's nice to hear someone acknowledge the superior importance of telling a good story, as opposed to merely worshipping at the altar of almighty Continuity. Do we want our comic book heroes to be like soap opera stars? Is that why we read them? Or do we want to be inspired by heroes. I know where Robinson is on that question. 
As for the podcasts themselves, they talk about the real issues and the main characters. Listen to the anguish in Babs' voice when Robinson says he can't think of any really great Wonder Woman stories. She protests and then relents, sounding even sadder. Babs' dilemma over Wonder Woman breaks my heart because it breaks hers, and it makes me want to pick up the title. But Robinson doesn't say what he does to hurt her. He just expresses his opinion, and the conversations that follow are exactly why I listen to the podcast. I love his wistfulness over ending his Superman run and his hopes for the JLA, and his promises of great things. 
And he covers some ground with Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Dick Grayson, too, all parts of great comic book conversations where he brings out the best in Tony and Sara. I listen to them over and over, for the voice and the subject matter. They should have Robinson at least monthly. Awesome guest. Simply awesome.

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Interesting :) 7 LOL James is great on the pod casts :D

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This is one of the things I miss most from the old comic vine days. I wish James would do his own podcast with guests from the comic industry. Although he and Sara arguing is hilarious.

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