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    British comic book writer based in San Francisco. Sometimes credited as James Dale Robinson. He is best known for his 90s series: Starman, and as the writer for Earth 2 in the New 52.

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    Writer famous for his run on Starman and JSA stories, as well as the mini series: The Golden Age

    In recent years Robinson wrote the mini-series Justice League: Cry for Justice for which he received an Eisner award nomination even though his writing on the book has been criticized by the majority of reviewers. He has been writing Earth 2, one of the new comics from the second wave of DC's New 52, but will no longer do so after issue #16. Announcing via Twitter that he is leaving DC altogether.

    After leaving DC, James Robinson began working at Marvel, writing Fantastic Four and All-New Invaders, both of which ended in 2015. In addition to writing two Secret Wars mini-series (Armor Wars and Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies) for Marvel, Robinson is currently penning Airboy at Image. Once Secret Wars ends, Robinson will begin writing two ongoing series at Marvel, Scarlet Witch and Squadron Supreme.


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