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    Forensic DNA Specialist in Central City.

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    James Forrest is a good friend and former colleague of Barry Allen. He is happy to see Barry return to work after a long absence. He's now waiting for his retirement, which is coming up soon. He plans to take a boat and go sailing around the world.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Dastardly Death Of The Rogues

    For more information see"The Dastardly Death Of The Rogues

    When Barry Allen returns to Central City and the Central City Police Department, he is introduce to the Crime Lab by Captain Frye, who leaves him in unfriendly waters. The first person Barry recognizes is James Forrest. James throws Barry's trademark bow tie on his desk. After quick and friendly banter, James tells Barry that Patty Spivot has left Central City for a Blue Valley and the only reason James stuck around so long was cause his pension was coming at the end of the year. Then Barry is approached by David Singh who gives him an assignment and sends him on his way.

    The next time Barry sees James, James is in the office when Singh approaches Barry about his involvement in the closed case of Jason Hicks. Singh begins to yell at Barry but James calls Singh to his computer. James has found traces of Barry's blood on the murdered body of the Mirror Monarch, Singh then yells at Barry more, believing he contaminated the crime scene.

    Then later when Singh discovers the Jason Hick's case file is missing he asks James about it but James acts dumb. Then later when Barry closes the Hicks case and proves a young man innocent, James rethinks his previous position of just working for his pension.

    Road to Flashpoint

    For More Information See: Flashpoint

    James along with Barry has been put on the murder case of the Elongated Kid. Forrest is the one who figures out that the Elongated Kid was, Ethan Kramer, and Forrest is there when Detective Grubbs threatens Barry. Forrest is also there when Patty Spivot shows up at the next murder scene. He gives Patty a hard time for being out with Barry so late, but he is glad she is at least there to help out.

    The Color of Fear

    For more information see: The Color of Fear

    James is a member of Barry Allens surprise birthday party. He is talking to Barry when Barry gets visions of Eobard Thawne killing everyone the Flash loves and cares about. Barry seems to be ignoring James and this causes his friend to leave Barry angrily. Later when Multiplex attacks the party, James is seen helping get people to safety.


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