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    The greatest fighter of his time as a member of the Captain Britain Corps. Braddock settled on Earth-616 & joined the Hellfire Club of London and fathered 3 children before being killed with his wife.

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    James Braddock was a member of the Captain Britain Corps, and considered the greatest of his generation. His achievements and reputation apparent, he would be called on by Meryln for a most important task, that of traveling to the reality designated as Earth 616 to sire an even greater Captain Britain. James would arrive on Earth after the end of World War II and become enamored with an Englishwomen by the name of Elizabeth. The two would marry and eventually have three children, eldest child James Braddock Junior (who would go on to be Jamie Braddock) and twins Brian and Elizabeth (Brian who would go on to become Captain Britain and Elizabeth who would go on to become Psylocke of the X-Men) It was also around this time James would build the Mastermind computer under his mansion, a device intended to aid his new reality serving as an outpost of sorts. Unfortunately the computer would become slowly corrupted, and in a tragic twist of fate some many years later would be the murderer of both James Braddock and his wife Elizabeth.


    James Braddock is a Marvel comics character and was introduced in Captain Britain #14 released in 1977. The character was created by Gary Friedrich, Herb Trimpe, Fred Kida and Chris Claremont. James Braddock would also see major developments as a character under Alan Davis and Jamie Delano.

    Powers and Abilities

    As Captain Britain James Braddock possessed super human levels of super strength, super speed, super senses as well as possessing enhanced levels of durability and stamina. James would also possess the ability to fly. James was also well gifted intellectually excelling especially in the sciences. James was well regarded by the Captain Britain Corps and Merlyn, considered the greatest Captain Britain of his generation.


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